5 ways to getting better SAT Results without actually studying
If you follow these 5 simple steps, I can guarantee you that you will be scoring higher on your next exam in no time!
Top Five Ways To Get Better Grades
  1. Warm Up

Every Athlete or Musician need to warm up before they perform at their best. Thus as an exam taker, it will be very foolish to think that you can walk right into the exam with yourself 100% in the zone ready to go. Thus a mini warm up can help boost your state to where you will be capable of answering at a faster rate.

2. Practice Under Exam Conditions

This is another common mistake among poor exam takers. They either allow themselves a lot of time to answer questions or even do the practice test in an open book environment. Smart exam takers, understand that the best preparation is a good simulation, thus you will be much better doing the practice exams, as similar to a real exam environment as possible.

3. Adequate Rest The Night Before

Same thing goes to Athletes or Soldiers before a big game or battle, how can your Brain and Body have enough fuel to charge up your Mental energy for the exam, if you don’t have enough, rest or nutrient?

4. Do the questions with the highest reward

Smart exam students know to either do the questions which are:

a)the easiest or

b)The ones with highest points first!

There are so many times, poor exam students got caught by tricky exam makers. These test makers, put the harder questions first, to stumble the students ,and than have the easier questions come later. And by the time the student gets to the end, its too late to answer these easy questions because he/she is out of time. Tip, always prioritize how to answer the questions and answer the ones with Highest ROI in return

5. Know more than one way to solve hard problems

Hard problems are usually difficult, however, they are usually Longer than your normal Problem so you could probably answer it in more than one way. Knowing All the Ways to solve a problem can help you in the long run when you encounter Hard Problems! Since the more you know, the probability of the hard problems hitting the solutions that you have already studied is higher, you should learn more than one way to solve hard problems.

If you just follow these simple steps, I can guarantee you to be getting higher grades on your next exam! If you would like additional help,

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