Coffee Shop Shenanigans

What does it look like to be an OBU student late at night? Your brain is most likely bursting if you are me on a Sunday or Tuesday night. There is one reason for that; I have something evil on Monday and Wednesday, Comp 1!

So how do you prepare for a class like that? I don’t go at it on my own. I get some friends, walk to the student center, and we go sit next to the coffee shop “Dr. Jack’s Coffeehouse.” I would love to say that at this point all of us get a sugar rush from the coffee that we drink, but most of us do not want to spend money from our student ID’s so we just study without coffee. Boring right? As we study, those of us who are like me (not good at english, composition) are lucky to have some very smart friends come along with us when we need help. The help needed is quite often when you are sitting at a table full of a bunch of stupid guys. As I write this, I am actually sitting right by “Dr. Jack’s.” I can smell the coffee being brewed, and let me tell you, it smells good!

So why do I say this is a shenanigan type of action while here? That is about the best question I have been asked all day. I really have no other explanation besides that you are sitting next to your closest friends most likely and you know that you are not the only one who struggles in the world of Comp 1. Then of course when you get to a tough question on your assignment, somehow one of us guys gets the answer right. That is when the shenanigans happen. The lucky guy that got it right starts to celebrate his accomplishment. This celebration is not very quite at all. It normally consists of some words like: “In your face” “I told you so” “You are an idiot” “I am so much smarter than you” “How did you not know that” “Heck Yeah” “That is so outrageous that you got it right.” The last two only make sense if you have been around my friends and I here at OBU.

So after a week, I can tell you that Sunday and Tuesday nights are not fun at all. Comp 1 is a real struggle when it comes to studying. I have so far made it through class fine though so I am doing well. Keep praying and cheering me on, on my own journey.

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