Peace in the Valley

“Is there peace in the valley?
Is there hope worth the fight?
If joy comes in the morning,
Will you take me there tonight?

Where you lead me I will follow.
When I’m lost show the way.
If there’s peace in the valley,
Can you take me there today?”

Hello, God. Are you there? You know I am searching for some answers in my life. Are you going to give them to me? I am a college student, we all have questions. Lord, I need you.

We all want answers from God to come so fast. He is on His own time though. If we are truly following Him, we will not worry about when He will give us these answers. We will just pursue Him until He gives us the answer, and we will pursue Him after he gives us the answer. We will let Him lead our lives.

This weekend was fall break for Ouachita Baptist University. Fall break could not have been scheduled at a better time. It was the same weekend as middle school Castle Bluff! Even better, our soccer coaches gave us the weekend off so I would be able to go to Castle Bluff and be a small group leader and I would not have to leave early for soccer.

It came at a much needed time for me. I was starting to get lackadaisical in my college approach. I was not really focusing in any of my classes. I was losing my determination to do anything besides soccer. The only time I would put effort into something is when it came to soccer.

I needed a time to just relax for a couple of days. I needed time to be with others who were following the Lord as well. There is no better way to get both of those than to be at Castle Bluff.

Every Castle Bluff we have alone time on Saturday night. You get to spend 20 minutes, all by yourself, in the middle of the woods, and just be with God. During alone time, I played a song on my phone that Bobby Harrison wrote called “Peace in the Valley.”

As I was listening to this song, I felt something start to come up my throat, my eyes got heavy, and I started crying. Right there, before small group with my 6th grade boys, and all alone. I let it all out.

God, I need help. I really need you. I know you are here with me. I have let satan wear me out. I am ready to find rest in you because I know that the only way to get true rest is through you. It says that in the Bible. Jesus says it. I need rest and I also need you to be in control. I am making so many little decisions on my own. I should let you help me in every step of my day because at the end of the day, Jesus Christ is what is most important.

The best part about this song, is that it does not end there with those questions. The story of the cross does not end with questions. Christ died, and three days later defeated death and answered every question. This song eventually answers the questions that are asked at the beginning. We as sinners ask God those questions.

God I am struggling, I can’t find a way out of this struggle. God how am I supposed to have hope when all I do is keep messing up over and over and over again? We have all been to this point. Have you ever wondered what God is whispering back to you? Or why you can’t hear him? We refuse to just sit and listen. We have to hurry and go do something. Where is our patience? We don’t take time to listen to what God wants out of a situation. If we just took time and listened, it would makes things in life so much easier.

“Yes there is peace in the valley
There is hope worth the fight
Joy comes in the morning
But I can take you there tonight

I will lead you if you’ll follow
When you’re lost I’ll show the way
There is peace in the valley
I can take you there today”

As I was crying and I heard this, I had chills come across my body. All of the stress of college, all of my tiredness, just everything going on, it was lifted from my shoulders. God was taking this hardship off my back. He was saying “All you had to do was just ask and stop trying to go on with this battle by yourself.”

So often we just avoid God. Our excuse though is that we just forget He is there. If you are a Christian, at some point in each day you will think about Him. It is then your choice to spend time with Him that day or to just avoid Him.

When I got home, it was strange. Instead of immediately going and crawling in my bed from Castle Bluff exhaustion, I put on my running shoes and went running. I felt rested. I was ready to attack the rest of my day instead of sleep the rest of my day away. If you know anything about Castle Bluff, when you get back you are normally drained physically.

I was, however, refreshed.

Prayer Request: Just simply, not to avoid God but to let go of life, and let God take control of life.

G3 — Give God Glory

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