How to buy an Ethereum domain with a credit card in a few minutes

Nov 16, 2019 · 4 min read

In the following article, we will explain step by step how we can buy an Ethereum domain using an usual credit card. You will only need your daily credit/debit card, and a few minutes of your time, nothing else. As simple as it looks. You wont be challenging yourself with crypto related common issues such as: exchanges KYC, failed/late tx on the blockchain etc…

As you may already know having a Ethereum domain has many different usecases: receiving different cryptocurrencies payments, you can also link websites and IPFS files in a decentralized way, but we will explain that in a future post.

The service we will use for this tutorial is Easy Crypto Name provides fiat gateway for getting your Ethereum domain in a easy, comfortable and fast way.

Step by step guide:


Register. Although it is not mandatory to be registered to check your name availability, you will need to be registered if you want to buy, so we encourage people to register. For sign up, go to and check right top corner for “register”. Click and a simple form will pop up. We only require an email and a password for your account. Fill in with a valid email (you will be asked to verify your email) and a valid strong password. Submit and finish the registration.

Register at top right corner

Verify your email. Check your email inbox for the verification email. Verify your account clicking “ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT” button. *If the email does not arrive check your Spam folder.

Verification email
  1. Proceed to login. In the top right corner click Login. Once the login form pops up, enter your credentials and resolve captcha. You are now ready to register your Ethereum domain!
Login form

Registration procedure

Go to and find your name. Once you are inside the main page, you will see a search input: type your desired name and check their availability. ENS allow buying names with 5 or more character length for their lowest common price. Names with 3(+600$) and 4 (+140$) length are disabled at as they are very expensive. But if you still want a name with 3 or 4 characters please contact us at

Go to and find your name
Go to and find your name
Go to and find your name

Once you have checked that the name is available, it will appear a simple form with the price and letting you choose between two different options:

  • Custody in our SECURE cold wallet: This option is a little more expensive (1€ more) and allows people who are not into crypto world to register a domain and delegate the responsibility for safekeeping the domain in a secure easycryptoname wallet. This option is very useful, for people who only access the web to register a domain and rescue it in the near future. It is obvious that people who handle wallets and cryptocurrencies will not choose for this option.
  • Custody in your own wallet: People that are already into crypto world and have some base knowledge will prefer this option. For just 8.95€, you can buy a domain and that remains in you wallet. Doing this will also point your domain to the your wallet address. You could immediately receive and claim payments using your new registered domain. Note that for this option you will need to have an Ethereum wallet and be responsible for its custody.

Finally, we will choose the number of years we want to register since this service, like actual internet domains, works with annual renewals.

Payment. Once we click Buy button, we will be redirected to the credit card payment page. This payment gateway is managed by Stripe, one of the most important payment providers on the Internet. After entering the data of our card, the registration process will begin, which will last a few minutes (as the nature of the blockchain and that the process also involves the execution of several transactions). When the process is finished, it could take up to 15–20 minutes to receive an email indicating that the domain is already yours.

Relax and track the progress of registration. Meanwhile you can follow the process from the My domains section. In the case that we did not finalize a payment with your card, we can always retry the payment clicking the Retry payment button in the domain row (table).

My domains Table


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