How Concierge Services Make Everyone Feel Like The Most Important Person In The World

The word ‘concierge’ is as you rightly guessed of French origin, the etymology of which lies in‘ Comte des cierges’ literally meaning ‘keeper of the candles’ a name for servants who were at the beck and call of visiting noblemen. Eventually concierge came to mean the person in whose custody the keys of any hotel or public buildings were kept.

Today, concierge services are those in which anybody receives personal and attentive service, which is made special too. It is said that they are for anybody who values time and experience.

Private concierge companies are used by millionaire corporates to single mothers with children and a job to manage. They do services like shopping for groceries, waiting for home deliveries of tradespeople, exploring ideas for the next family vacation, wedding planning, care of seniors. As one concierge service puts it, “So long as it is legal, we will do it”!

What Corporate concierge service also does the same things for the employees of a corporate. It is important for reducing absenteeism which affect the productivity of a company directly. A major cause of people staying home from work is stress and another is staying to take care of an ill child or parent.

This is where Corporate concierge services can make a big difference.

So when there are experts to take care of all the chores and projects for a corporate employee it can be seen that he or she will be relieved of much of their personal work and will be free to devote their energies to the work in the office, free of stress. This in turn will reduce the absenteeism and improve productivity and make an employee feel like he is valued in the company

Concierge Services Belgium provides every day service for its clients. They also provide luxury lifestyle management for their clients. Thus, one can see the range of services included in concierge services. Last minute reservations, customized travel itineraries, theatre tickets, international property listings, private tutors and schools, anything that a citizen or an expatriate could have trouble in deciding.

Many concierge services are available at the top hotels in Belgium, where they provide the following services to make you feel like a very special guest

  • Airport transfer
  • Private limo
  • Hotel reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Shopping tips
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Theatre and concert tickets

They work closely with the hotel staff to make your stay at the hotel a very rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Concierge services are here to stay!!