How Real Estate Concierge Services Are the New Trend in Real Estate Sector

Traditionally, people associated concierge services with the hospitality industry but today, the definition has expanded to cover a whole range of other industries. Among these, the hottest new trend that’s all the rage is concierge services for the real estate sector. Home-buyers and sellers are hard-pressed for time and they’d like to get the best possible price and product. They’d also be pleased if you could help them with many of the details and paperwork associated with real estate deals.

Real Estate Agents and Concierge Services

There is a big difference between real estate agents and real estate concierge services. The agent manages scheduling, inspections, etc and provides different options based on your preferences/needs/budget. However, concierges make the experience smoother and more pleasant. They can recommend neighborhoods based on your personality/family/profession/goals/status etc, they can help you with finding schools, parks, stores nearby, they are well-informed about the history and geography of the neighborhood.

Concierge services are available to assist you with a plethora of things, not just strictly only with the real estate part.

How Concierge Services Work

These programs link clients with vendors of home-related pre and post deal services. When moving into a new place, people need help from plumbers, electricians, gardeners, painters, furniture movers, interior decorators, handy-men, etc. Real estate agents compile a network of trusted, reputed, pre-screened, licensed and insured service providers who can help make a move smoother and more convenient. When clients avail of concierge services, the list of service providers is shared with them and they can be assured that everything will be ship-shape by the time they move in.

Another important service that can be arranged by concierge services in Belgium and elsewhere is a pre-inspection of the home before selling. A professional inspector goes through the entire property thoroughly and gives a report. This allows the seller to be aware of what issues could be the sticking-points in the sale and to take corrective measures if required.

Concierge services may also include the assistance of an estate planner, cleaning services, security services etc.

A Few Extras

Customers would be truly delighted if you help them with a few other things while they’re in town — like that boat-rental for a quick weekend sail, tickets to a show that they’ve been planning to catch, dinner reservations at the newest haute cuisine restaurant or a shopping assistant to help them with a trip down High Street. This is where top-quality real estate concierge services step in and help sweeten the deal.

Essentially, real estate concierge services keep clients connected to the agency long after the deal has been closed.