The Concierge Services Are the New Trend in Corporate Business

Concierge services have spread out from their traditional domain of hotels. Just like in a hotel, the concierge desk was a help desk to address any concern of the hotel guests, concierge services have stepped into the corporate sector, for the benefit of the employees as well as clients of the business. Today they have evolved into the management of lifestyle, be it the bespoke luxurious lifestyle of the world’s top business and social elite or the humdrum everyday private chores of any customer. The comfort and peace of mind of their customers is what these concierge services strive for.

Achieving a balance between work and personal life is a big challenge in an executive’s life today. For a homemaker, it is not much easier with looking after the children and running the home smoothly, with countless errands to be run during the course. This is where a concierge steps in who can take care of routine office work in a corporate scenario, or run those errands for the home maker. This frees up a lot of time for the executives and homemakers, making them effective, efficient, and happy to carry out the duties which only they can do.

Concierge services Belgium provides both wellness and practical activities for their corporate clients all over Belgium. These may be on campus activities like workouts and yoga sessions, coaching sessions and talks on health and wellness. Practical activities like laundry, car wash, delivery of fruits and vegetables are much sought after services as well. Some instances of happy customers are.

A couple who had their anniversary road trip planned for them while they took care of their office work before going to the much-awaited holiday.

A mother who could bake cookies with her daughter for the latter’s birthday while the household errands were taken care of by the concierge services.

Real estate concierge services are a special type of concierge services which caters to properties, their owners, and tenants. They aim at endearing themselves to buyers and sellers of properties, taking the load of moving, selling, buying, or renting a property off their shoulders. The services cover the whole gamut of activities such as obtaining the title and insurance of the property, to painting and setting up of utilities therein. Offering concierge services is a great way of boosting the business, because business is increased by the number of referrals of happy clients. The onus of inspecting the house before its sale is on the seller. This responsibility is taken on by the real estate concierge service. Real estate concierge services also have a tried and tested list of service providers like plumbers, gardeners, electricians, painters, and carpenters.

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