How to save on accommodation while traveling

When we plan a trip, the issue of finding an accommodation is one of the most important to be solved long before the trip starts. Even though we will likely spend not so much time in a hotel/hostel/elsewhere, we all want most comfort for the smallest price. Here are a few ways to save a bit:

1. — price sorting from low to high, genius bonuses… very familiar algorithm which is already like a mantra. Works pretty well in large European cities, but if you need to find something in, say, a small alpine village, the price for a solo traveler will be far from acceptable. In this case it’s best to join somebody else for the trip (for example, find fellow travelers on EasyGuide) and try booking a whole apartment or a house (universal rule for expensive destinations).

2. Vouchers from Ebay. Not really the most obvious way to save, but indeed a very efficient one. Look for deals tagged with “travel”, they usually have a pretty long validity period (one year or so). Advantages are fixed price with services included (breakfast, linens), ready offer for a few people. Sometimes it’s even cheaper than the same offer for one person from other booking platforms. The disadvantage could be the impossibility to find a free spot for the required dates. Example: A&O Hotels&Hostels chain — vast network across Europe, modern and comfortable rooms.

3. Сouchsurfing — quite an interesting way to see how locals live. Depending on how lucky you get, you might even have the opportunity to live in far better conditions than any hotel you might have booked. The author have tried and approved it for many times. The situations were different (solo trips and with friends), and the offers, too: once I was given the whole floor with a private bathroom. But sometimes it’s also connected with risks like no guarantees — it might be difficult to establish contact with your hosts, hard to find hosts with no references etc.

4. Airbnb — the most popular platform for booking apartments and houses. To get the most out of it and save it’s better to have a company of friends/people sharing your style of traveling. Sometimes it’s required to confirm a booking with some payment.

All the options listed above are created for different purposes, so it’s up to you to choose! Enjoy your travels and new adventures!

The author of the article is Valeria Polozova, copywriter of EasyGuide