Where to celebrate New year to remember it for life?

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to think about celebrating the New Year. The new year is a special holiday for everybody and we want to memories it for a whole year. And what can be remembered better than a trip to another country?

So in what part of the world is it better to celebrate this holiday?

If you want to feel an atmosphere of real new year’s winter fairy tale, it is best to celebrate the New year in Europe.

Finland. For people who love winter nature, Finland will be the best place to celebrate the New year. It is better to go there with a big company. Perfectly, rent a cottage somewhere on the bank of a lake and enjoy the winter beauty. You can skiing or sledding pulled by deer. Be sure to visit a real Finnish sauna. And most importantly, go to visit Santa Claus, because Finland is his homeland.

The Czech Republic, namely Prague. This city is truly getting transformed with the winter. Christmas fairs are getting opened all over the city, you can taste mulled wine and try local sweets there. Also, you can find entertainers and street musicians at every corner. The whole city turns into one big new year’s market. This is an indescribable atmosphere where you really want to believe in a new year fairy tale.

Iceland. New year in Iceland is an incredible sight. A real celebration of light. Bonfires and torches are burning all over the country. And as New year approaches the sky over the whole Iceland is painted with bright colors of fireworks. And it is custom to be noisy on this holiday, the louder you are in the new year’s night, the better the next year will be for you. So, everybody who want to meet this holiday loudly and brightly, Iceland will be the perfect country for you.

For those who are tired of winter and want to celebrate the new year in the summer, the following countries will fit:

Thailand. Thailand is one of the most popular resorts today. Real Thai New year celebrates in the spring, but because tourists from all over the world come to celebrate the European New year there, it is celebrated no less brightly. Everywhere you can find decorated Christmas trees on squares, in restaurants, hotel areas. In big cities such as Pattaya and Bangkok, New year celebrated grander.

Thousands of people go outside. There are live music and performances everywhere. And of course, new year’s eve is not complete without fireworks.

Brazil. New year in Brazil is celebrated very colorfully. The brightest of all this holiday is celebrated of course in Rio de Janeiro the most famous and beautiful city in the country. This holiday in Brazil is usually celebrated in white clothes. About 3 million people are coming to the main beach of the city on new year’s eve. 3 million people dressed in white, it is truly a fascinating sight. They all dance, sing, drink champagne. And also on the beach, you can see the incredible fireworks, which impresses with its scale. New year in Rio it’s really amazing spectacular that is worth seeing at least once in your life.

Egypt. Egypt is a pretty budget option to celebrate the New year abroad. On holiday there are new year’s dinners, shows, discos until the morning arranged in each hotel. It is better to choose a large hotel. Show program there, as a rule, more scaled than in small hotels. However, you need to choose the resort where are you going carefully, cause in the winter in some regions of the country can be quite cold.

The Maldives. If you want to celebrate this holiday in a quiet cozy atmosphere, somewhere near the ocean, the Maldives is the great option for you. There are no big noisy parties. Each hotel, as a rule, arranges dinner with invited artists. Ideally, of course, to celebrate the New year in the company of a loved one there. After all, everything on the Islands reminds of romance.

Unfortunately, no matter what country you decide to go to, in the new year’s holidays prices are really increased and not every traveler can afford to celebrate the main winter holiday abroad. In this case, the EasyGuide appears, thanks to the service you can always find fellow travelers who will share all the expenses with you. And also to celebrate the New year with a big company is much more fun, because it is much more important, not where you spend this holiday but with whom you spend it. And let the following year will begin with a grand adventure for everyone.

The author of the article is Natalia Getmanova, copywriter of EasyGuide