Male yeast infection home remedy

Male yeast infection home remedy

Male yeast infection home remedy

Male yeast can become a problem for guys just as it can for women. It’s best to try and catch the problem early on before symptoms worsen because it’s makes it harder to cure.

Guys who are diabetic are also more prone to getting a penile yeast infection. Most candida infections are spread through intercourse; chances are if there is a candida infection suspected then the partners may have one too.

A discharge which is slightly white or yellow. Soreness. If you’re really run down and the infection takes hold, you may suffer with a sore, inflamed, red glans which may also have a cheesy, white layer. In extremely severe cases, the whole male organ can become red, itchy and swollen.

Some of the treatments described below can be used alone or in mix with another solutions until you find the solution that is good for you.

Gentian Violet

It can be applied on to the affected area. It will turn your clothes and anything it comes in contact with purple, so choose clothing you don’t mind getting messy.


Fresh garlic is almost always best. You can either eat a clove or two of garlic once or twice a day, or you can take garlic capsules which are available at most health food stores.

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