Hebrew: The language of Israel

It is often said “what you speak, you become”. A person’s language represents his personality, culture, morals and background. After birth, a child starts to hear the language and speak first words in his mother tongue.So basically, a person’s language defines his individuality, his personality and above all his religion. In ancient times, saints came out with different language for different religion, amongst those one is Hebrew, the language Israelites.It is a west Semitic language spoken by the people of Israel from historical times.From ancient times, it started to spread worldwide with 90% Israeli’s being fluent in this language. This language is important to the Jews as they have to be very fluent in Hebrew to participate in Jewish celebrations and ceremonies. But often people find this language very difficult to learn. Especially those who are born and brought up outside Israel, but have a sincere desire to participate in Jewish ceremony.People find it very difficult to learn due to its complicated writing and pronunciation. They feel defeated when they fail to learn the language and demotivated when nobody is available to guide. That is why is important to learn to read Hebrew and you will eventually achieve the goal of reading Hebrew.
But everybody must be familiar with the quote, “when there is a will, and then there is a way”. Eager to attend ceremony? Excited to learn Hebrew? But is puzzled from where to start, from where to learn and become fluent? First of all one must be familiar with the basics of the language.
How Do You Read Hebrew?
Some basicpoints are to be kept in mind while reading this language which is listed below:
 Knowledge about the alphabet.
 Always read from right to left.
 Letter styles or calligraphy
 Transliterations
 Most important — Pronunciation
When a person is thorough with the above basic points, then he starts to understand the language and feels confident about learning. After being detailed with basic points next comes is how well a person understands and speak the language? How sharply a person can learn the language and in what time?
Learning to read Hebrew becomes a much easier task after well versed with basic points and knowledge about the language. Learning Hebrew can be made fun and exciting when proper technique is being used; all a person need is to follow the pattern. With the coming of the internet, online teaching is the latest trend. One can find online websites, teaching Hebrew, giving e-classes with proper study package and course at any time of the day, all making it very easy to learn to read Hebrew. All a person need is to find the appropriate website and register, course details along with the package will be sent and start learning Hebrew reading in a more exciting and fun way, boosting own confidence and zeal. If a person is familiar with the language, but wants to be fluent in the language, for those some tips in Hebrew will do wonders. They don’t need to rush to coaching classes when the internet is ever-present with unlimited number of tips to get fluent. Hebrew Learning Tips are widely available on various websites, all a person need is to click, read, practice and win.

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