Learn Hebrew Online to Get Success in Just 7 Easy Steps

No matter if you have a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet; you can easily learn Hebrew online with the course in your backpack, pocket or briefcase. Your online tutor is there 24x7 to teach you. It doesn’t matter for him what time of the day you attend your course. You can simply log in and continue reading.

A Scientifically Designed Course

According to research, people have several patterns of learning. Some people choose to read information, some want to listen to it and others choose watching it in video session. With this easy to learn Hebrew reading program, you can easily get the course details in three basic modes. You can read Hebrew on your desired learning mode or a combination of different modes. So, it is relatively easy to understand it and retain your learning with you forever. In order to complement your mood or style, you can also choose the color scheme of online classroom to improve your overall learning experience.

Who Should Learn Hebrew from EasyLearnHebrew.com?

•Those who have never read Hebrew in childhood and want to take part in Jewish celebrations and services.
•Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah learners who want additional support to prepare for the rites of passage in “coming of age”. 
•Those who want to convert to Judaism and learning Hebrew as part of it. 
•Those women and men who wish to reconnect or connect with their religion and tradition 
•Mature Bat and Bar Mitzvah students
•Older children who want to attend Jewish schools for the first time and want to fast track their learning to stay on track with the class
•Devout Christians who desire to learn Hebrew so they can read the ancient texts

Learning Hebrew Online in 7 Easy Steps 
There are four sections in each step which are effective and scientifically proven.

•Section 1 — It consists of a video tutorial which is recorded in a class room presented by a well-qualified instructor. The Hebrew reading rules and letters in this segment are explained and introduced well. All the videos are delivered in HD quality to provide more lifelike experience in learning.

•Section 2 –In this section, the teaching gets deeper in the areas discussed in previous section. Here, rich ranges of mediums are used, such as quirky stories, cartoons and small video clips to remember and understand the material in that lesson.

•Section 3–You can test yourself in Quiz session and find out how much you’ve learned. It has self-paced quiz so you can check out your score no yourself. You can go to next section if you are happy with your learning. You can revise as many times as you want.

•Section 4–You can remember and learn Hebrew alphabets with songs. You can access flash card templates to learn each lesson through which you can practice your skills by making words on your own.

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