Why Have Foot Rollers in The Infinity Escape Massage Chair

Experience advantages of reflexology foot massages

Since foot rollers became a part of massage chairs, your body can experience a much more intense and pleasing massage. Massaging your feet adds another dimension to massage and amplifies the many benefits of massage. The Infinity Escape Massage Chair has double foot rollers letting your feet experience reflexology foot massages.

Why have foot rollers in massage chairs?

Foot rollers as part of a massage chair will provide a powerful yet soothing massage to the soles of your feet. The Infinity Escape Massage Chair contains airbags in addition to foot rollers, so the massage you receive is a complete reflexology foot massage. This magical combination will squeeze, knead, roll and swing massage your feet closer to comfort. Foot rollers as part of the Infinity Escape Massage Chair include the traditional foot rollers which roll and then also the wave roller which focuses on the arch of your foot. Part of the whole foot massage is the additional feature of the foot rollers which includes a heel rubber to provide relief for painful heel conditions such as plantar fasciitis. This perfect combination provides your feet with a complete foot massage.

While your entire body will reap the many benefits of reflexology foot massage, your tired feet will experience revitalization and relief from pain. There are numerous benefits you may receive from a reflexology foot massage.

7 advantages from the Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers

● Improved circulation

● Being more relaxed

● Decreased blood pressure

● Relief from tension headaches and migraines

● Less anxiety

● Better sleep

● Pain relief from painful foot conditions

● An overall improved health

Improved Circulation

Better blood flow will help our entire body. After being confined in shoes that may not fit “just right” all day, our feet will feel much better with improved circulation.

Be More Relaxed

Feet take the brunt of much of your mobility and are the basis of how you walk or run. There is no doubt; your whole body will feel more relaxed after a massage session in your Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers. They will feel revitalized and ready to take on another day.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Rush here! Run there! With our hectic lifestyles, genetics, and environmental factors, many of us can use help to lower our blood pressure. Enjoying a reflexology foot massage from the Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers gives us this important benefit too.

Relief from Tension Headaches and Migraines

None of us have time to stop when we are suffering from a tension headache or a migraine. Are you surprised to learn that often, this kind of pain happens when our feet are uncomfortable or in pain? Experiencing a massage in the Infinity Escape Massage Chair can amazingly provide immediate relief for many people enduring this kind of suffering.

Less anxiety

So many of us experience a high level of stress that some resort to medications. Indeed, that may be necessary because it is difficult for many of us to take the deep breaths we know we should be doing. When we force ourselves to stop and spend time in the Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers, it provides immediate relaxation during the massage and also delivers a long lasting impact. Reflexology foot massages can help you experience less anxiety and an improved mood.

Better sleep

Sleeping problems are common, and if you have trouble sleeping, a visit to the Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers with a complete reflexology foot massage can help your body calm and ward off insomnia. When we sleep, our bodies experience a calm needed to operate at our best. Reflexology foot massage helps us find and maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Pain relief from painful foot conditions

Many people are suffering from painful foot conditions. Frequent reflexology foot massages can provide pain relief and revitalize your tired feet. The foot rollers in the Infinity Escape Massage Chair can provide relief from painful foot conditions with its intense reflexology foot massage. Many people suffer from chronic foot pain, and they know that when your feet hurt, it makes it difficult to do the simplest of tasks.

An overall improved health

Regular massage improves your overall health. In addition to everything already discussed, it also stimulates nerve function and helps remove toxins. This all results in helping us feel better

Owning your Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers gives you the privilege of having frequent massages at your convenience in the privacy of your home. The people who are receiving optimal results from reflexology foot massage are those who are experiencing relaxing to a massage on a regular basis. Instead of adding to your busy schedule, invest in the Infinity Escape Massage Chair with foot rollers and sit down to recharge.