How to choose the best airport parking

Airport parking will be terribly confusing but however with the help of our guide, you will soon be ready to decide your long-stays from your meet-and-greets easily.

If you’re change of integrity the many others flying out of Britain’s airports for your summer vacation this year, you’ll most likely wish to grasp regarding airport parking. For the sake of convenience, driving to associate airport is commonly the popular alternative, particularly for a family — however what does one do along with your automobile after you get there?
 Airport parking will desire a true piece of land to navigate, with such a large amount of completely different choices, a number of them scarily costly. Therefore, precisely what are you obtaining for your money, and what must you be searching for? Read on to search out.

Should I select short, medium or long stay?

There are 3 main styles of airport parking: short, medium and long-stay.

Short and medium-stay parking are terribly similar in concept; primarily, your automobile is position in an exceedingly lot that’s placed at intervals the boundaries of the airport’s land (or ‘on-airport’). This car park parking is generally at intervals walking distance of the airport itself and pedestrian ways resulting in the terminal building are clearly signposted.

Long-stay parking is found a bit method far away from the airport itself, typically on the terribly fringes of the airport’s own land (on-airport) or often in a totally separate place (off-airport). Transfer to the terminal is sometimes by bus. 
 Because of its convenience, short-stay parking is commonly the foremost costly of the 3, with medium keep slightly cheaper, and long-stay the most cost-effective possibility of all. However, a typical idea is that you just got to use a short- or medium-stay lot for a shorter trip. although you’re solely attending to be away for a few of days, most long-stay automobile parks can still be happy to simply accept your booking, and give you the most cost cheapest deal going.

What is meet-and-greet parking, and will I take advantage of it?

Meet-and-greet services, conjointly called valet parking, you have to leave your vehicle with a driver, or valet, at an authentic point at the airport — sometimes the terminal’s pick-up and drop-off area. The driver then takes your keys and drives your vehicle away sometimes to a park that’s set a mile or 2 from the airport. Once you come back, you phone the parking company once you’ve landed, and that they deliver the automotive back to the place you left it, or somewhere close — you just jump within the automotive and turn back.

This is in all probability the foremost convenient thanks to park your automotive at associate airport, however as a result, it’s sometimes the foremost costly, too. It’s conjointly price bearing in mind that you’ll be entrusting your pride and joy to some other person for its journey to and from the parking area — therefore you’ll need to satisfy yourself that the corporate operational the service is totally insured, reputable, and can treat your automotive with care. Rummage around for reviews or discussion regarding the corporate on-line before you book to envision there are not any horror stories.
 Have you chosen what type of parking would you like to book by easy meet and greet? Let us inform with your parking experience!
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