Jean-Baptiste: What I learned in Germany

Germany is not often the first destination for an internship abroad but it is an attractive country. It is easy to live there for someone who does not speak the language.

German people are friendly even though sometimes at first sight they seem to be more distant. They like French people and always say a few words in our language at the first meeting.

Very frequently, it is easy to be invited for a drink, to practice sport of for a « Frühstück » (German breakfast).

It is also possible that your neighbors bring you bread and salt the day you move in to welcome you (German tradition).

Like in the Netherlands, this country has a lot of bicycle path, bikes are kings.

We can find culture in the daily life, and a lot of festivals, exhibitions and sporting and musical events the entire year.

At work

Work conditions are often very good. German offices are structured so people feel good, like home. The ergonomics is considered, desks and chairs are adjustable, couches, lounges and kitchens. The equipment are structured like lofts.

Beyond this, Germany is the first economic partner of France. When you work in one of the countries of the European Union, you can easily understand the interest. The principle of free market is significant and the opening of borders shows us the scope of possibilities and the benefit that every company can have. English language seem to be the major language in every trade and allows communication between European countries in every field and industry.

My mission

My internship in an company specialized in running goods, sales and distribution in the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), brought me a lot, equally on a personal point of view than on a professional one.

Today, to me, the essential tools and skills in professional world are:

  • Proficiency with digital tools,
  • Personal marketing on social networks
  • Time management
  • English language

Commercial abilities and skills (even for non-commercial positions) are important because everyone will have to sell something, like a balance sheet for example. Online courses like FUN (France Numérique Universitaire), MOOCs or allow to develop those skills that are often non-taught in school or university.

In a more precarious world with quick changes, adaptability is necessary and those tools are essential basis.

Your curiosity and desire to learn will do the rest!

Jean-Baptiste Meugnier