How to beat your shipping deadline from China

Online shopping demand during the holiday season brings with it a flurry of both excitement and tension for eCommerce sellers.

As Christmas approaches, customers on a shopping spree who are busy planning gifts for friends, relatives, or even themselves, become more demanding by the minute. All that matters to them are great discounts and faster shipping!

One way to ensure you meet the demand is to prepare your supply chain for this peak season. However, hiccups can happen, causing unforeseen issues that suddenly put you in a bind.

Post-Black Friday / Cyber Monday…

  • Are you low on inventory and see no hope in re-stocking before Christmas?
  • Has there been a factory delay that’s forcing you to miss your freight shipping deadline?
  • Need access to more affordable shipping options that cater to cross-border sales?

If you’re not feeling Christmas-ready because you’re facing these issues, Easyship might have the solution for you!

We might be able to save your sales if…

  • Your products are manufactured in Asia (ideally, southern China)
  • You dispatch your stock from China directly to the US, Europe, or Australia
  • You have a short production lead time (either your products can be produced quickly or they’re currently close to completion)

Here’s how we can help you fulfill your orders during the Christmas season:

  • Take advantage of our 20+ partner warehouses across the US, Europe and Asia, to be closer to your customers
  • Utilize our Hong Kong warehouses to ship faster from China, to reduce transit by as much as 3 days or more
  • Save on shipping costs by accessing our extensive range of 250+ courier solutions with discounts up to 70%
  • Enjoy automated shipping on our platform as we integrate seamlessly with major eCommerce players / marketplaces
  • Benefit from our ‘No minimum commitment’ policy as we help businesses of all sizes from low to high volume of deliveries
  • Keep your customers updated with tracking emails and other personal touches, through our dashboard
  • Inform your customers of any insurance or pre-pay taxes for smoother shipping, with few clicks on our platform

Stressful Christmas deadlines call for a smart action plan, and we can help you strategize and implement one! Why miss out on delivering better customer service while increasing your profits?

Contact our Logistics Experts ASAP to inquire about our fulfillment services so you can beat your holiday shipping deadlines!