Bury Your Taxation Burden with Easy Tax Returns

We are all entitled to make some contributions to the state’s revenue by paying taxes as levied by the government. In UK, the taxation system is being regulated by an authority named HM Revenue and customs. Citizens, involved in any type of employment, entrepreneurship or partnership business have to file their income tax return for declaring their source of income. Income tax return must be filed on time so as to refrain oneself from unnecessary tax penalties. Easy Tax Returns gives you a complete resolution for all the tax obligations.

Tax return in UK is comprised of few types in accordance with the genre of individual entity. The different segments of tax returns are:

• SA 100 for individual tax payers
• SA 800 for Partnership Business
• SA 900 for Trustee
• CT 600 for Companies paying Corporation Tax
• P35 for PAY E deductions by employers and National Insurance Contributors
• VAT 100 for Value Added Taxes.

Filing an easy tax return involves a simple 1–2–3 process which is as following:-

• Informing about your current circumstances 
• Choosing the right package
• Uploading the updated documents.

Easy Tax Returns covers several other tax routines such as self-assessment tax preparation, reliable tax planning, fast tax calculator, timely submission of an income tax return, easy tax filing, secured payment gateway for submission of tax bills on time. This series of complete package can be availed at the cost of really affordable prices.

Reliable Tax Planning

Easy Tax Returns designs some really innovative tax savings ideas for its users so that they can avail maximum advantage of tax relief.

Self -Assessment Tax Preparation

It assists its users to prepare taxes on their own with the help of relevant and supporting documents.

Easy Tax Calculation

With the help of its expert professionals, Easy Tax Returns renders support to its users so that they can calculate their own tax. It is easy and fast.

Submission of income tax return

Income tax filing has a deadline, failing which may cause subjugation to pay further penalties. Easy Tax Returns, with its easy and fast filing processes ensures that it is done on time. Secured Payment Gateway

It follows a very safe and secured payment gateway method for paying taxes, so your money is in absolute safe hands.

Easy Tax Returns is now available in your android and I phone app store. With the coming of this mobile application you can get all your tax related facilities and information in your fingertips.