Simply URL shortener is a scripted website, it converts long URL link to short URL link. The website build with PHP scripted or any other Programming makes long URL address link to tiny link.

url link shortner service websites detailed information
url link shortner service websites detailed information

What is The Most Trusted Link Shortener?

Many websites link-link shortener, but only a few can be trusted. If a link is shortened and shared a link, but how long the link will live, and how fast it turns.

The Shortener Website Trust will depend on how long the links contain.

URL Shortener links provide the website for free. The only way to find paid, end-to-end links is to search for shortcuts or…

Hello, are you looking for Telugu composing programming free download and utilized in windows 10 stage. Here is the spot to the arrangement. on the off chance that you need to utilize google input devices is serves to Telugu console for PC. how about we look at the download google input instruments. Recollect this theme is absolutely identified with Google Telugu programming free download for Windows 10.

At repeatedly we expect that Telugu is additionally good if typing especially Telugu language lovers. except for typing in Telugu, we’ve Telugu keyboard practice for someday. Mostly famous Telugu keyboard Softwares like Anu…

When we get bored most of the time we watch videos that are good fun. Some give us a lot of relief though. But now we paid to watch up. Some of the free ones are outlined here.

If you want to watch the movie at your leisure, use the free apps described here.

Best free movies app for android, watch free movies, tv shows and more content
Best free movies app for android, watch free movies, tv shows and more content

Some popular apps to watch free movies not available on Google’s Android Play Store and iOS App Store. You need to search and download APK files for your device.

  1. MX Player App
  2. Playbox HD
  3. Popcorn time
  4. Crackle
  5. Jio Cinema App
  6. Thop TV App
  7. Megha Box HD
  8. Movies HD App

Learn more about these apps visit here

Here you can download movies with this simple code
Here you can download movies with this simple code
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Hi-tech, are you searching internet pages to finding the free download movie and watch in your holidays. This is for you, just check it out the download free movie to watch in your computer, mobile or tablet.

If are you feeling bored, do you want to watch the movie for escaping boredom. what movie do you want to watch on your computer, mobile or a tablet. If you want to watch movies, you need to download it.

It is a very big problem to find out the perfect site to download movies. Most movie sites are available in the market…

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Yes, you can erase with one click without using any software. All editing will be in online, with simple remove objects from a photo.


  1. Working PC (hey not a joke, in this process your PC need to work without hanging).
  2. Good Internet Connectivity.
  3. Internet Web Browser (I’m using Google Chrome, you can use any Browser).

Let’s Go to Perform: remove unwanted objects from a photo

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This image is purely related to password reset with USB Flash Drive in Windows 10 operating system.
This image is purely related to password reset with USB Flash Drive in Windows 10 operating system.
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Many times we have forgotten our PC or laptop passwords, even sometimes we confused to type passwords or patterns in our daily used mobiles.

Today I revelled some interesting thing, how we can reset forgotten password on windows computer.

Just easy task anybody can do it, who are know some basic knowledge of computer using in the daily drive.

Before going to the task of password resetting need some requirements for this process. Because we need to download some tools and purchase one software from the website.

“don't worry many alternatives are available like open sources software

Just you can…

Nowadays using PC for different work purposes. It involved several tasks if your a Student or professional it does not a matter for deals with tasks of a computer.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft Windows platform. Microsoft Windows 10 have some bunch of interest features compared to the last generation of Windows operating system Platform.

Virtual desktop In Windows 10 is one the fine feature in Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system. Basically many tasks are involved when we want to complete some portion of a task.

When you are using Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System or…

The activate windows 10 is quite simple and easy. When you have chosen the below methods.

Now days using PC need to the updated operating system for smooth performance and security free.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the latest operating system for PC from Microsoft’s Windows Platform.

Apart from the Activate Windows 10 is the most essential thing to use features of Windows 10.

4 Ways To Activate Windows 10 Operating System

Just follow the below methods as per user choice to perform activate windows 10 and enjoy the best smoothly performance and features.

Requirements: Just install the Windows 10 Operating System in your PC.

Download Windows 10 ISO…

This time Microsoft took a little care about what loses the previous version of Windows 8 and 8.1.

Let’s check out top cool features of Windows 10 ISO operating system contains.

  • Some Interesting Features about Windows 10
  • Things about Windows 10 Versions
  • How to Download Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Officially

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Features:

According to the last version, Windows Operating System Called Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu looks like an app drawer.

Windows XP and Windows 7 Users are things somethings missed in the start menu.

Now in Windows 10 again Start Menu comes back as an original state with attractive…

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. It basically the collection of API’s to allows direct connection between browsers.

So, its easily transfer any type of data from one browser to another directly.

In WebRTC clients directly communicate with each other completely and also communicate with the server.

Its a technic to directly connecting with clients like peer to peer sharing, browser data, IP address and more files can easily communicate and transfer one to another.

The difference of Web Sockets vs WebRTC

There is a lot of difference between regular Web sockets and WebRTC works.

The connection process of Web Sockets is server act as an admin…

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