It’s really not so hard — You CAN turn the negative into positive

I tried something last year when I realized negative thoughts were getting in my way. It seemed too simple at first, but as I continued the practice, I found my days getting brighter and my load getting lighter.

What did I do? I tried to change every “negative” thought into a POSITIVE one!

It might sound silly, or impossible, or ridiculous to you, but once you start this practice — it quickly becomes a habit. YOU are the solo driver of your thoughts and YOU always get to choose the direction of them. Here is one example of a recent re-directed thought:

I love my job, but there are always those mundane jobs I cannot seem to delegate. One day I was battling angry thoughts in my head “Why do I have to do this? Why can’t someone else? I get paid too much to do this”? …and on and on the thoughts went. As soon as I realized I was doing this I started saying things like:

“It could be worse, I could be one of those people who scrapes dead animals off the road! Wow, so thankful I don’t have that job! I am so lucky, and so thankful for the person who does that job so I don’t have to drive by so many dead animals all the time”

So, my thoughts went from angry and negative to grateful and thankful!

Just a quick tip to try and then share with those you spend a lot of time with. ❤️

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