Christmas dinners around the world

Christmas is upon us! While everyone is probably preparing for the big evening with the whole family, we thought it would be nice to see what we are all eating on Christmas Day around the world. We hope you’ll learn something new and if we inspired you to try something we would love to hear from you :)


The Christmas dinner in Australia is based on the English traditions, but as Christmas in the souther hemisphere happens during summer, meals such as chicken, ham and turkey are often served cold with cranberry sauce, accompanied by side salads or roast vegetables. A barbecue is also a great way to avoid the heat of the oven.

Seafood like lobster, oysters and crayfish are also common on the Australian Christmas table. They also enjoy various fruits on their Christmas Eve — there is the dessert pavlova. This includes fruits like strawberries, kiwi and passionfruit, with a baked meringue and whipped cream on top. Yummy.


The Christmas dinner in Japan is quite different to what we eat in the west. Mostly there is a white sponge cake covered with cream and decorated with strawberries. They also really like the Stollen cake, either imported or locally.

Fun fact: in the 1970s, KFC made a huge advertising campaign to make eating there on Christmas dinner a national tradition. Since then the chicken meals during the holiday season are so popular that stores take reservations months in advance.


In Poland the Christmas dinner is called “Wigilia”. After the first star shines in the sky everyone shares the Christmas wafer and wishes good things for the coming year. The meal afterwards is meatless, honouring the Catholic tradition. Also many households prepare a great variety of Christmas dishes. Typically numbering 12 in honor of the 12 apostles.

The dishes include: stuffed carp, fried carp, herring in wine sauce, herring in cream sauce, fruit compote, vegetable salad, soup with uszka, pierogi, peas and carrots, boiled potatoes, mushroom cream sauce, sauerkraut, and makowiec (poppy seed rolled cake). Also an old tradition is to leave one plate empty for an unexpected guest.


The Brazilian Christmas dinner is quite a feast. It offers large quantities of food which include fresh vegetables, luscious fruits me Brazil nuts. Plus there are bowls of colourful rice and platters filled with ham and fresh salad served with roast turkey.

Some parts of Brazil have roast pork, roast turkey and fish. Brazil offers also a big variety of desserts like lemon tart, nuts pie, chocolate cake and also panettone.


There is no Christmas in Honduras without tamales. They are usually filled with a small chicken piece or sometimes pork and some combination of rice, potatoes, garbanzos, peas, and green olives.

Tamales are wrapped in banana leaves instead of corn husks. Some eat their tamales with ketchup. Also rice and chicken or sandwiches are quite popular. Recently turkey got also huge rise since they are pretty nearby to the US.

For some more information (or to make the dinners on your own) we also created a Pinterest board with some international Christmas dinner variations.

Happy holidays!

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