T-365: Step one

Ah, January the first, the day that everyone is up and ready to conquer the world. Then comes January the second, and we start putting our goals second to Netflix, or Instagram, or being one with our beds.

I am no exception, so I am excited and nervous to see what comes out of this writing project. I am starting off by setting the very achievable goal of writing 200 words daily. I really do not know what I will end up writing about. I have a couple of other resolutions for the year, so hopefully my life will be a little more interesting to write about. Perhaps some days it will be reflections on the mysteries of life. Perhaps other days it will be about how delicious baked potatoes are. Hopefully, there will be more days where I think about life than I salivate over potatoes. Or I might just do both.

The point is, I want to develop a habit of writing, whether good or bad, trendy or irrelevant, useful or pointless, interesting or boring. Of course, I hope to improve along the way, but as a wise man once said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Today is step one.

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