Clinton Feminists Are Not Feminists
Caitlin Johnstone

Yes, this article is right on. The “pro-abortion” purity test is very short-sighted. Being deprived of an equal wage for a lifetime or being passed over for promotions or hiring because one is a woman will likely cause greater hardship over an entire lifetime than having to live through an unwanted pregnancy. It’s not the 1940’s anymore and a out-of-wedlock pregnancy will not ruin anyone’s life since one can no longer be fired for this, nor does one have to go into hiding and the child can be put up for adoption. I am a Feminist, but I do not believe that abortion-on-demand is as critical to women’s empowerment as it is made out to be. Other issues, ones on which HRC was very weak, are far more critical. (P.S. You can save the vitriol and name calling for this free expression of a view you do not like. I have had tons of it already from the HRC crowd and it only proves how full of hate you are. If you want to post an intelligent, cogent and respectful counter argument that is different. )

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