Eato — Best App for Restaurant Owners in India to increase online sales

Restaurant industry in India is really heats up in the year of 2015. Different research says it is one of the best industry for investment as its growth rate will increase in the coming years. It is important for restaurants to incorporate new trends and technology into their existing business model. These new trends help restaurants retain customers while encouraging new ones. By knowing the upcoming growth of this industry many companies have developed apps and tools helping people to find restaurants and order food online. Among these apps Eato is one of the user friendly app enabling people to order food online from nearby restaurants.

App for Online Food Ordering

Are you looking to increase sales for your restaurant ?. Are you looking for the best restaurant to eat on near your locality?. Here is the answer for above two questions — Eato. These online app can find solution for both the above mentioned issues. If you are not taking advantage of online apps you could be missing out on innovative and cost effective ways to increase your business. Eato can help both restaurant owners by increasing the online sales for their restaurant and users by finding the resataurants they are looking for. Among the restaurant based apps, Eato has got wide acceptance among the people because of its user friendly interface and advanced features compared to other applications in the market.

Working of Eato

Eato is a simple example showing how an app can simplify and improve the functioning of restaurants. It is a high quality app you can trust. App is available at Android play store and you can download it for free — Working of this app is so simple. If you are a restaurant owner sign up on the app and add your restaurant with cuisines, menu, address, opening time, contact number, location map and photos of your restaurant. If you are in search of a restaurant just enter your address around which you are looking for a restaurant. The app will display all the restaurants nearby your location. You can filter out your desired restaurant by entering your cuisines like south indian, north indian, arabian and son on. Choose your dishes from the menu card of the restaurant and make your order with any of these 3 options — take away, eat in or delivery. You can also schedule your order for any day at any time.