Medellin Myth Busters

‘Mum, I’m Going to Colombia’ — how to dispel irrational parent fear in five quick clicks…

  1. Dinner Party Trivia

Whatever our age, worrying seems to be our parents’ duty, so a rational fact-and-figure approach may work best when it comes to the inevitable ‘but isn’t it dangerous?’ question.

Hit them up with these trivia tidbits (which they can dine out on long after you’ve jetted off…)

2. Guardian Seal of Approval

Sometimes a thumbs-up from the Guardian is all that’s needed for a destination to go from black-list to bucket-list. Point your parents in the direction of this reassuring article — but be warned, they may feel compelled to visit…

3. The Wow Factor

If breathtaking landscapes have a canny knack of moving your folks to tears, this whistle-stop tour of Colombia’s spectacular biodiversity is sure to get them on side. Tissues at the ready!

4. Bringing it to Life

For parents who like a detailed blow-by-blow of what you’ll actually be doing in a place, this video does an awesome job of selling the Colombian tourist dream…

5. Making Your First Million

Move over California, Colombia is the newly-crowned land of opportunity. From a thriving tech scene to start-up accelerators galore, you may well return a leader of tomorrow — and you really can’t argue with that investment…

In summary: Viva Colombia!

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