New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! More than half of Americans kick-off 2017 with resolutions for wellness goals, like losing weight, being more fit, having more energy, less stress and better sleep. And while close to 60% of people will walk away from their resolutions before summer, setting a resolution Jan 1 can lead to 10 times greater chance of behavior change success compared to those who avoid setting a resolution. The key factors that determine success: a healthy combo of being motivated and ready paired with effective strategies to reward new behaviors and avoid the ones that lead back to temptation and slipping into old habits. Here at AVA, we’re all about healthy intelligent eating, providing you with quick personal nutrition recommendations in order to reach and maintain your lifestyle goals.

2017 = Freedom from Dieting

Our culture is shifting when it comes to thinking about eating and “dieting.” “Diet” is a 4-letter word that evokes misery, restraint, judgement, failure and shame. Going online or visiting the app store is a minefield of marketing with little assurance that what you choose will really suit you and provide the results that you are motivated and prepared to work hard for. AVA makes the abundance of frustrating and conflicting nutrition advice simple, and adaptive to you. Rather than just knowing that you need 120 grams of carbs per day or that you ate 220 grams of carbs yesterday, or wondering if “eggs are good or truly evil,” view and choose beautiful recipes to create a custom meal plan, from our curated database, with expert suggestions that adapt to your eating style; not AVAs.

Gone are the days of shaming your way to wellness with punishments for “bad behavior” like not tracking or having that second cookie or glass of wine. With AVA, judgement is removed, nothing is off limits and enjoyment returns to eating. AVA helps you earn credits for each effort you make that gets you one step closer to your goals, like tracking, going for a walk, adding in an extra hour of sleep or getting in those veggies. Working smarter, not harder really pays off!

Are Apps the Answer?

Mobile health apps are rated as one of the fastest growing sectors, with over 100,000 available in the marketplace, however most lack professional expertise. In fact, out of over 28,000 studied, only a mere .05% were created with identifiable professional input. Many apps offer a convenient way to track what you eat. Tracking has been shown to help with weight loss; keeping a food journal can double weight loss results and prevent as much as 80% of the weight you’ve lost from creeping back on.

But many people simply don’t stick with it. It’s not a lack of motivation or laziness that causes them to stop, it’s called “journaling fatigue,” a natural result of the tedious nature of keeping diligent records, especially without any type of personalized feedback to direct and support your goals.

All Calories are Not Created Equal

Add inaccuracy to the picture and it’s easy to see why mobile health apps are following the failing trend of many popular diets. Most app-based diet trackers use crowd sourced data for determining your calorie and macro intake. User generated info is notoriously inaccurate, especially for anything without a food label, like homemade and certain restaurant meals.

Compare this to AVA’s simplicity of texting a photo and high level of accuracy, with an average of >90% over 7 categories, tested monthly. AVA simplifies tracking, calorie counting and journaling your daily food intake by doing all the hard work and analysis for you. And if photos are more your style, AVA gives you a way to “paint” your story with the images you use to track your meals. This is a helpful way to spot patterns — your love of healthy (or not-so-healthy) eating — rather than thinking about “good” and “bad” foods.

Evidence is Everything

Intelligent eating goes way beyond counting calories. Dialing into optimal macro balance, paying attention to ingredients and ultimately getting expert advice on what to do with that info is essential. This is the downfall of most meal tracking apps out there for weight loss; they do not use evidence-based strategies to improve eating habits and diet. AVA is a welcome game changer in this sector. AVA utilizes validated, clinically based algorithms and adheres to industry standards of excellence in nutrition and behavior change science, while incorporating artificial intelligence to enhance your experience.

Another study examined weight loss apps based on 8 evidence-based criteria: self-monitoring, goal-setting, physical activity support, healthy eating support, weight and/or health assessment, personalized feedback, motivational strategies, and social support. Sadly, no apps met all 8 criteria and those who did met 2, at best. AVA is proud to boast these 8 principles, rooted in a true integrative wellness approach, as the foundation for all of our programs.

Real-Time Feedback & Expert Advice = Big Results

While most apps have been shown to be no more effective at helping with weight loss than your average diet, AVA is different. AVA’s most engaged beta testers lost as much as 3–4 lbs per week, with one losing a total of 55 pounds who is now able to be physically active daily and reports improved job performance. Another success story was able to lose weight without giving up his favorite foods and drinks, leading to his doctor to take him off blood pressure medication. Our beta testers love AVA, with our lead ambassador referring over 250 people.

It’s All About You

AVA offers programs for everyone; our beta testers ranged in age from 18–75 and had goals of weight loss, marathon training, building muscle and burning fat, following a special diet, like keto/paleo/vegan/intermittent fasting, boosting energy, managing diabetes, thyroid issues, digestive conditions and high cholesterol or simply wanting to feel better. Whether you’re looking for results like our success stories or want to try a smart way to detox or test out the latest healthy eating trend, AVA can help.

AVA is built off of an evidence based backbone; harnessing the credibility, credentials, decades of experience and authenticity of academically trained nutritionists with the serious advantage of artificial intelligence. Here at AVA, we have built an amazingly talented team who love what they do and make sure all of our customers are well cared for. This sense of purpose and passion for healthy living infuses everything we do here at AVA. That passion and experience translates into results.

Join AVA’s waitlist or skip ahead to reserve a spot in our next program and turn your 2017 resolution into reality. Wishing you a happy & healthy 2017!