Seminars are organized events attended by a group of people where ideas are presented by one or a few speakers and then discussions. These gatherings are based on communication and interaction where the participants are allowed to ask questions and involve in discussions with the speaker on one or a few related topics.

What are seminars for?

Seminars may have more than one purposes — to educate, promote a cause and also to prospect for new business opportunities. Seminars can be academic in nature and discussions held at some of these seminars may have been responsible for important social changes or technological advances.

To plan a seminar

Before planning anything, you will need to establish the purpose of holding one in the first place. Once you have a motivation for holding a seminar, you can then proceed to identify the topics of discussion. Without a purpose, the seminar may become confusing and eventually become meaningless to attendees. The budget of the seminar must be set so that nothing gets carried away with the selection of the venue and the budget.

Food for the seminar

Food is an important part of any seminar. You have to be sure that you select the right food caterer in Singapore who knows just what to do to ensure attendees are well-fed and at the same time visually entertained by a dishes that are beautifully plated and laid out on the catering table. At eatz Catering, we believe we are the right food catering partner to help you with your seminar catering needs.Here is our menu for different seminar occasions:

Seminar Package & Cocktail Reception

Our Deluxe Menu A is the most popular menu for a Seminar & Cocktail Reception. It costs $22 per head:

  • Morning Tea– Wholemeal sandwiches, baked curry chicken, fish cake and coffee/tea
  • Afternoon Lunch– Home Baked Cheese Pizza
  • Main Dishes– Prawns, mixed vegetables, flavored rice, fish kebab and more
  • Dessert– Icey Mango Beancurd
  • Afternoon Tea– Peanut sesame ball, breaded crab claws, coffee or tea

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Half Day Seminar Packages

For the half Day Seminar, the most popular menu is the Deluxe Menu A (am tea and lunch) package. It is available at the rate of $17.00:

  • Morning Tea– Curry chicken pie, whole meal, sandwiches and coffee or tea
  • Afternoon Lunch– Home baked cheese pizza
  • Main Meals– Barbecue fish kebab, western style mixed vegetables, boneless chicken BBQ, prawns with butter sauce
  • Dessert– Icey Mango Beancurd with Sweet Longan
  • Beverage– Aloha fruit punch

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Concluding the seminar

At the closing of a seminar, responses and feedback from participants should be collected and then analyzed to assess how well the seminar has been run. Some questions to ask yourself after each seminar

  • Was there enough planning before the seminar?
  • Was there a good balance between presentation and discussion?
  • How was the participation rate from the attendees?
  • Were others able to contribute new ideas?
  • What are the highlights and low points?
  • Was the topic introduced sufficiently?

We wish you a successful seminar!

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