Cheerleaders Who Motivated Me

In third grade I made the decision that I wanted to start cheerleading. I used to always watch videos of cheerleading teams at competitions. As I watched, I thought about how fun it would be to be apart of a cheer team.

Growing up I looked up to Kiara Nowlin. She motivated me to become a cheerleader so I could one day tumble just like her. She works hard and she never gives up when she is trying new skills. Being a new cheerleader I didn’t think about how hard I would have to work to be able to tumble like Kiara. I thought that tumbling would be easy.

I wanted to be just like Kiara when I was younger. I was at the gym almost every day of the week to get my tumbling skills more advanced. I went to gymnastics practices and cheerleading practices. I worked hard to become better at what I loved doing.

Angel Rice is an allstar cheerleader who motivated me the most. Watching her perform at Worlds was amazing, she made tumbling look so easy. She’s the reason I pushed myself to be better on the cheer mat. She is a two-time World Cheerleading Champion and she holds the Guinness World Record for the most double twists in a minute.

Gabi Butler motivated me because she’s very energetic, flexible, and an amazing flyer. I can relate to her because I was a flyer as well. She motivated me to stretch more so I could be flexible flyer.

Watching these three cheerleaders I got the motivation to work harder and become a better cheerleader. Back in third grade I didn’t take cheerleading serious, I never would have thought that I would be the type of cheerleader I am today.

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