Best of JIRA Add-Ons: eazyBI

The Atlassian Expert HyperVelocity Consulting is starting a new blog series about JIRA’s Top Add-Ons, featuring the Add-Ons they think bring the most value to our clients.

“It’s a big priority for me to free people from that cycle and save them sometimes hundreds of work hours a year by bringing best-in-class statistical tools to JIRA that report on live data right inside of the dashboards, either in JIRA or Confluence. We expand JIRA reporting capabilities exclusively using eazyBI.” says Justin Leader from HyperVelocity Consulting.

In an exclusive interview with the founder and core developer of eazyBI — Raimonds Simanovskis — Justin goes behind the scenes on how eazyBI came to be, its biggest benefits and how it’s changing the business intelligence scene.

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