And You May Ask Yourself……How Did I Get Here?

There was a time when I would look at six little eyes and wonder how was I ever going to get through this? I had three little kids who grew into three teenagers and now had morphed into three really cool adults. In my “traditional” role as Mom it was my job to get that colicky baby to grow into that healthy, contributing, happy adult. Check…check…and check! I did it, three times! Oh yes it was an amazing career in which I excelled. I was the class mom, the team mom, the president of the touchdown club and soccer parent of the year. Oh, what an illustrious career I had. I loved every nanosecond of it!

Then one day I woke up and it was over. No more football, no more travel soccer and no more traveling all over to college field hockey games. That meant no more connections to the wonderful adults that followed their little athletes around. No more fundraising and no more trying to get to three different fall sports on three different fields all on the same day. My life as a sports mom was over.

I was ok with that, I still had my boy who needed an occasional ride to law school in Manhattan. Now and again he needed a healthy hot meal I would love delivering it to his apartment as I picked up his laundry. My recent college grad needed help adjusting to life off the field and away from the team of girls she had called family for the last four years. I was happy to be a shoulder to cry on. My college freshman was totally independent. I won’t lie when I tell you as shocked as I was that she had no desire to go away to college, part of me was happy. This meant I wouldn’t have that tearful goodbye as we pulled away from the dorm.

Nothing at all prepared me for the next part of my career. I was going to be outsourced by time. The boy graduated from law school and embarked on a wonderful career that would have him living in Manhattan. He and his high school sweetheart are living the dream of many of the so called millennials! The college athlete would start a career in health and fitness and become head coach for a high school field hockey team. She is passionate about her career and she met the love of her life and together they live a life of happiness. My little college student hustles two jobs as she remains on the honor society. She is loving and kind and fiercely independent. I feel honored when she asks to spend time with me whether it’s getting tea, shopping or watching a television show together.

So now I am fifty three, soon to be fifty four and my career has ended. I am no longer needed in the same capacity that I have known. Although my title has remained the same my duties have completely changed. I am now the receiver of phone calls and texts. I am the keeper of the dogs. The wife of the husband and the mother of three adult children.

Everyone has grown up and here I am still in the house. There are two empty bedrooms that get dusted and remain a shrine to the teens that once occupied them. I long for the beach volley ball that once had tons of adolescents scampering through my house with sandy feet. I miss the laughter and the loud music. I am not sad though. I know that although my career has ended and even though I will not be collecting a pension there will be incredible riches to follow. I know there will be weddings and grandchildren and I can’t wait to be taken out of this temporary retirement and reap the riches of a full and wonderful career!