Get Green Card through EB 5 Visa USA

Eb5 Visa
Eb5 Visa
Jun 29 · 2 min read

Consultants play a significant role in guiding the needs for the process. Its takes normally one and half years for EB 5 applicant to get Green card and 6 months to receive approval for I-526 petition. You got to select a project for EB 5 Visa approval. The project must be suitable a win-win for both the sides in terms of investment priority and job pool. The second step follows I — 526 petition and capital Investment. Two year conditional residency is the next priority, followed by unconditional permanent resident sheep and I-829 petition. Individual taxpayer identification number is enough to buy real estates in the USA. In between $ 500,000 to $ 1 Million when a foreign national chooses a project to invest for which will accumulate at least 10 jobs ineligible for EB 5 Visa USA. The process takes 22–26 months’ time. EB 5 holders earn when they make sales or refinance the 100 % capital goes to the holder or EB 5 Investor account. EB 5 Visa filing for the USA has increased considerably from 99 in 2014 to 500 in 2017 and presently it’s increased close to double than before. EB 5 Visa is not dependent upon employment or educational qualification of the investor. Applicant once approved is allowed to work anywhere in the country. Massive rush for the EB 5 Visa is ongoing and to make an early petition is a clever way to make it successful. Prospective investors are on the run for the EB 5 Visa USA though it’s stipulated that the waiting period for EB 5 visa may extend up to 7 yrs. The rejection of the petition is there because of undisclosed funds especially in India. China is working on it with a beforehand approach to cut waiting time and to help investor’s family to give better higher education in their chosen destiny the USA. Any fraudulent undisclosed fund for investment won’t be tolerated as a Green investment under EB 5 Visa program.

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