Reflect, Read, Write, Repeat.

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Building your writing routine is hard. I’ve been trying for years to figure out what works for me and how to live a more creative life. …

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Hundreds of proboscis

Piercing skin; juicing deep

Choking on coffee grounds

At the bottom of the cup

Cheap french press

Slipping into a dreamless space -

Feels like home

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I breathe you in
Lay claim to your skin
Your body that was
Once part of mine

Kissing your forehead
But it’s gone sour
Sweet milky scent
Turned sunscreen and sweat

Full body hugs
Eager, devoted
Now bony and quick
Passive, pliant

Faces familiar
Every detail
My eyes admire
Yours wander away

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Worn wood scratched and scathed
Cigarette burns and sharp solid edges
The brood expect to be served
Four stout chairs scrape the surface

Small skeleton keys
Whose ancient locks have long gone astray
They weigh down palms and pockets
Rusty tarnished brass tokens

Dingy darkness pools
The algae’s noxious odor
Warning from the depths below
Still they went wandering in

Back through the garden
Where sunflowers touch the sunset
Their young hands pulpy and pruned
Three stout chairs scrape the surface

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In my daydreams I am a young woman in a big city. I’m fearless and strong. I am surrounded by lives of excitement and success as I fall into the beat of the feet, pounding the pavement. I spend my days in coffee shops; drifting from one to the next…

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Casey was at an impasse. Her head was pounding as she gulped from her bottle of water, crinkling it under her fingers to squeeze out every last drop. She wanted desperately to pull in to the next motel and sleep, but she knew she wouldn’t have enough money to get…

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Both nurses were too busy to pick up the phone. I picked it up instead and before I could say much of anything someone was shouting lab results at me from the other end. “I’m just the clerk but I’ll go find a nurse for you,” I said.

I looked…

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I’ve been a die hard NaNoWriMo fan for two years, since I discovered this glorious event. I love everything about it. Hours and hours of being completely immersed in the world I’m creating every day boosts my creativity like nothing else. …

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When I wake up the next morning, the house is full of greasy old aunts and uncles and the blue haze that comes with them. It can’t be later than ten and they’re already buzzin’. I hear my mom crying again and put the pillow over my head. You’re the…

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We make clouds in the air with our breath; brief physical proof we’re still alive.

Frost covered trees glisten in the church yard on a picturesque morning.

A sharp inhale burns the cold down into your soul.

From the window they can’t see you shiver.

What a beautiful day for a funeral.

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Elizabeth Page

Wild writer woman of the north 🇨🇦 #amwriting #writingcommunity #writerslife Student at The Writers Studio #SFU, 2019 CBC Poetry longlister.

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