Hardly Working is the new Working Hard

The problem is, the world is moving towards ease of access for

people. A notion I have grown up hearing about is that you can’t

achieve until you work hard…at least in terms of legwork. A wide

range of people believe hard work equals success. Which is

sometimes true. Hard work does take you a long way. But does

that mean that’s the only true way to success? If you didn’t have to

work to reach your goal, did you just get lucky? And if you reach

your goal without working as hard as the next guy, are you still

lucky? Or just as successful?

I feel these are all characteristics of the society we live in. Time is

rapidly changing and we are all heavily dependent on it. Although

your watch may show the same hour twice a day, “time” is always

changing. For me, time is derived from evolution. And evolution

is a byproduct of curiosity. Nature/life evolves all the time.

Curiosity always brings the best out of you. This is the reason why

they say kids should be encouraged to ask questions (even if they

get annoying af).

Today, we have come to understand that the closer we work

together or the more questions we ask each other, the greater

chances we have to answer more questions. More IS merrier.

Imagine 100 kids coming together to ask various questions. It

sounds pretty bizarre and tiring. But curiousity has made us

accomplish a lot.

The world has become such a global market. The more we join

hands together, the higher we excel and succeed. You can be

sitting at home and making millions, simply by uploading

YouTube videos or Snapchat stories. Now, please do not

undermine the work and intellect put in by that YouTuber to

achieve their goals. However the YouTuber excels, it was first his

idea — the thought process behind the idea and, more importantly,

the best form of executing it that resulted in its success. It may

seem as though the YouTuber’s whole process doesn’t require hard

work but they are working really hard brainstorming new ideas for

videos every day. In the past, you needed a cameraman, director,

producer and all other kinds of small jobs that required

individuals to create videos. Now, all you need is DJ Khaled and a

camera to put out content in the market. And you know what’s

even better today? The internet has made all of our markets much

more extensive and wide. DJ Khaled, a rapper now famous for his

Snapchats, has an audience in almost all parts of the world. It

would have taken years for a band like The Beatles to showcase

their talent to an audience like DJ Khaled’s fifty years ago (not to

take away from either of the above mentioned successes). But, I

strongly feel that if The Beatles had the horizons and technology

that DJ Khaled has today, their success rate could have been much


As a personal observation, the more stakes involved in your idea,

the higher chance for it to grow. For example, the simple act of

hiring an employee. The employee wants to do well in order

achieve bonuses or maybe a promotion. The employee’s improved

performance will lead to better performances for the company.

Now their goals (sub-goals) fall under your bigger goals. So, the

employee hitting their benchmark goals reaches your goals as well.

This post comes from personal experiences and what I have tried

to accomplish from it is the idea that unity and togetherness are

the new success story of the world. We know that two brains do

not think exactly the same so we can assume that will they not act

alike either. Hence, there are more opportunities to explore

different avenues. The idea of keeping an open mind towards

sharing, has not only aided my route to success but has also made

me more humble towards others’ successes as well. If the world is

one big group, then one person’s success will be beneficial for all.