Speak to make them weep!

Last night was historic. Millions of people all around the world sat down to listen to President Obama farewell his 8 years of his presidency success. I, for one, loved the speech. Even though there were plenty of parts that I had no clue about. It was still very, very intriguing. The charisma of the man, the style, the perfect pauses while speaking and best choice of words really was all we were experiencing last night.

Now, he started off his speech saying; ‘Tonight is my turn to say thank you…’ Mind you, he said a lot of things last night but not just that! Instead of standing on the stage and thanking everyone for an hour, he insisted, more like stamped the achievements. May be his way of letting the successors know, not to undermine his work. I don’t mean to take anything away from Obama’s achievements. However, I want to point out a big reason of success, more importantly getting your point across; hence, the art of words.

Charisma, is probably a very wide term. However, it is a combination of your walk, your talk, your posture, your speaking ability and your social vibe. It does get you out of trouble at times. What is world without people; a barren piece of land. It is only human interaction that has given us the ability to build these tall buildings and nice cars and so many intellectual properties. BUT, it is also the same human interaction that has, at times, taken us to destroy each other like wars. So please notice the key here; Interaction!

Getting your point across to someone is one of the toughest things to do. Especially, when they’re not ready to accept that thought. Because every mind accepts their thoughts as the most logical in the situation. The best way to actually, change that mindset is even simpler that imaginable. Simply change your approach; hence your tone. Your attitude, and very importantly, your posture. One small example of very important thing I learnt in life, is to look in the eye while speaking. I read that it builds psychological trust in the other person’s mind. Again, notice the key element here; your posture! You know what, I tried it out! And guess what; I still like to do it to date. I have made more friends than I have lost in the process.

We are by default programmed to exceed other ideas, sometimes for the good and quite often for the bad too. And that really doesn’t make us good or bad. What makes us or breaks us is the fact that how successful we were in getting our approach accepted. Well, we may argue that getting a point across should be through logic and reasoning, not by personality. Honestly, no idea is good unless it has an audience. And definitely, no idea is bad! Cause the bad idea still got the attention it needed to be proven or applied as bad.

So, what made us think that the idea was bad? Don’t you feel, that it in itself is a success already. We are atleast thinking about it rather than not knowing about it at all. May be the best ideas of all never even reached the masses yet. I am not saying bad thoughts spread quicker. But I am trying to identify that the SPEAKER matters more than the speech!! When you draw an audience towards you, you have already won the round; speaking your idea.

“Your words mean nothing”. Something my girlfriend would say to me all the time. But there’s actually a lot of reality to it. Words, actually don’t mean anything until spoken in the correct style and in the most acceptable manner. Polite attitude and Gracious speech style wins the race. No one likes authority. But if the authority comes with grace, it sinks into the human brain quicker and smoother. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.