What is going on with Roski?

What is going on with USC Roski School of Art and Design? So I come to USC right and I am minoring in ceramics like all of you know (and if you didn’t, well now you know) so I’m part of the Roski school and even though this issue doesn’t affect me directly I still want to talk about it because obviously USC does not. Why would they want to talk about it? It’s actually kind of embarrassing.

SO THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED… The problem occurred when all, except one, of the incoming MFA student decided to drop out of the program. Crazy right?! Yes, it is and it is hard to believe that consequently, the incoming class was literally just one student. But why did the drop out? Because they were lied to. According to my research and my ta, the incoming students were promised something but given something else. There was a change in curriculum, cuts in financial help, changes in faculty, along with other things. All of the students were unsatisfied with the changes and therefore decided to drop out of the program. I know, you are probably thinking “what is wrong with USC” but honestly, it’s not only a USC problem. The art programs are becoming more based on critical studies and less of studio time, which is something that students are not satisfied with.

But what happened next?? The students that dropped out of the program were not necessarily asking for anything, but the alumni were. They wanted Dean Erica Muhl to resign, as they did not find her fit for the program and the cause of the issue. Their major reason for this, was that Muhl does not have any experience in art and, therefore, does not know how to run an art program. These past students have even started a petition in which they ask Muhl to be taken away from the position she holds as dean. Her vision of the program contradicts what the students want, therefore, affecting the stance of the program. Will she leave? No, she will not.

Erica Muhl gave an interview in which she said that there were no major changes and that everything was done to make the program better and unique. Well others did not like that. What infuriated people the most, was that fact that she told the interviewer that they had agreed to give the students a 2 year leave of absence. The students answered by saying that no one asked for that and that they did not want it. Yup, things got intense. Later on, the only student left in the program dropped out as well and in an interview, she basically called the program a joke. Yeah so we will see what happens next and hope for the best because it would be a shame if this program shut down. This year there are 7 students enrolled and thus far, things are okay so hopefully they stay the same. USC does not need another scandal nor infuriated student. Night people and Fight On! (sorry I felt like I had to say that)

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