Brother get ready for the Future it is Murder

There was once a world where we believed that (us) human beings are here for to make this beautiful planet an even better place. We believed we are smart and intelligent enough for any tasks. We built Hydrogen Bombs Prof. Ed Teller and Oppenheimer worked hard on that project that was applauded as a new source of energy that would revolutionised oil/gas industries and we have been positive that we will fight no more wars after the WW-II ended. All nations that lived through the times of horror by the world war, witnessed the darkest side of humanity in battles where young, old, black, white all kind of us lost perished for no good reason. Our world was in disbelief that time if we ever could repair all damage that we had done to us ourselves, in Stalingrad, in Dresden, in France, in Finland, in Budapest, in Wien, in Poland, in Switzerland, in Hawaii, in all over the world. Yet we have been positive towards our future and was certain “NEVER AGAIN” no more wars again. We were certain… We were certain… echoes in my mind when I see our world today. Destruction on such an enormous scale that we have never seen at least our generation born after the Second World War. We did have a nice life, safe, happy holidays and Merry Christmas with turkey on the tables and smiles on our faces as we could never imagine that one day we would see our world as the good old happy peace days, and our present mirrors our devastation, our fears, our nightmares, pains, loss of life, loss of will for life…the world passed the threshold no one knows and everybody knows that we lie, live in a lie and call me crazy but we live the Matrix for real not in a movie version but real illusion, real virtual reality,we live in a real deception of an unreal presentation of truth that does not even exist only in our minds programmed by our TV, our Prime Ministers, our Number Ones, our best of best Leaders, our never made a single error in their life Presidents, our owners. Owners and owned. We are owned by the Owners and we work for our Masters to pay our dues, so that they can live off on our back. Wen have been so happy. We have been dreaming about our better world, our better future our world without greed, lies, conspiracies and wars. No wars, no deaths, no weapons, no money for our Owners. Naive men! Believed in good when evil is much stronger and are everywhere in the hearts of your parents, friends, the guy next door yet he is so handsome… We knew that we will be successful and have a happy life we knew that our future is certain and our future is depends on us and our future will be us! Our future will be all we always wanted to be happy peaceful people living a prosperous life in a big house, with a nice family and if we are lucky enough maybe the Queen of Our Family will have nice boobs, maybe even big boobs and natural ones….we had all reason to believe in our future. We went to the Moon (allegedly). We set rules, laws to protect the weak, and those in need to help to build a safe, solid democracy based environment with a healthy economy. Even we were confident that we can transform people from religion to Democracy. The new Communist is the Democracy that forced Religious People to give up all their believed in and be Westerner pro democracy fake Christian believer. No do not start it. You already lost it. How could be any true believer of the Lord accepting lies, murder, exploitation, adultery, marriage of two males and Government paid transgender surgery, from man to woman then few years passed and the now woman wants to be a man again! So we did it, and we are going to Church on Sundays. We are going to somewhere on Sundays. And our Christian Assyrian Heritage is being destroyed and sold for peanuts for similar believers like us they also go to the same Church of Sundays. No limit, no life, no boarders, no taboo matters no more. Capitalism broke lose and running down this world no garden left untouched after its footsteps destroys everything that has or has no soul and is in its way, running like raging bull from country to country and no blood will be spared if it comes to make profit. They say they smuggle from Syria to Istanbul everything that moves and human and also that moves no more but still human, a human organ. Profit is in your heart. Profit is in your young kidney, lung, blood all is for sale and all have a price to pay for. We are at the end of the world but it is not what you expected to be its the end of the world as we knew it but its starts a new world where Anarchy is coming and all faces are turning to the sky asking the same question: why? Turkey killed the White Dove flying to bring peace to the lost brothers but the bird is infected by dark poison of greed the sign of the Devil the sign of the profit the Dollar for oil. No lies can be big enough, no embarrassment can embarrass us enough, no numbers of lives lost can be high enough, no idea no voice no reason no logic would stop us when we roll the dice on the back of the old world and riding on the free legally authorised law based money machines the fours horse of apocalypses: Lies, Money, Weapons, Power. The war is over, if you wanted… but to imagine all world live in peace, no homeless, no sky above and no hell below? We cannot deal with that just as of yet. We need that ghost of behind us in our mind as a voice from the male penis to the male brain in other words ego. You are all tricked into this trap and lost in translation by solving issues here, then solving issues there, and no result so far. Wondering why? Because you ever knew or know anything certain for sure that was just a vicious lie. Everything you know is wrong and to accept it would be hard for many so we see our world is going down to the deepest level of morality struggling to maintain that smile on the faces on Monday in work. You make your future. Not the future makes you! They say they don’t care about politics, there is no such thing can be afforded today! What do they want to care? To see our life will be soon just a memory while they listen to Justin Bieber? And watching Kardashian, Hilton and all the rest of… while in the world is up side down, nothing can be measured anymore, absolute control over all your souls, our worlds going to slide in all direction, and you will cry for the Berlin Wall, just another bites to the dust of history as it is over it is not going any further. Nations raised up and then all collapsed it is just the way of life they say so ask for forgiveness to repent as your phantoms are waiting at the end of your road patiently and they all dancing. Wish you would have now one Stalin to protect you from your future, we passed the Rubicon brother! We crossed the Rubicon. God if ever could do anything for us is now please Bless us and save our souls as I have seen the future and it is ugly, it is murder. Chaos, like a twister tears down our invisible and visible walls no protection against this giant hate that has been used as spark in the crusade of the Devil that wouldn’t spare your worthless cowards souls that 144 T-s aren’t yours! The places for reserved to those that fought against the Beast on side of Him, our Lord! Kobane Girls. Dutch citizens with Harleys they will have a place in there. They went down to the deepest whole of this desert of chaos to face and kill evils even if you never asked them for… But you, what did you do to stop the triumph of Abaraxas? Mamma the African revolutionary, Che in Bolivia…. what do you think about your performance is it counts at all? Are you in that 144 T? That is what counts. Nothing else is important. Life is a blink of an eye yet you live like you live and never die or get old. Daddy says no, but we all know we are all orphans of the infinite universe and no help is coming when it needs the most. Brother I have seen the future and its is ugly, I have seen the future and its murder. Better be ready…or dream on with your news on your TV. (Excerpt from The Future is dead and decomposing in Democracy driven insanity of the masses — P.H. Hennin)

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