Star Wars Season

1. Based on 2016 search data, “Star Wars” is the 112th most popular keyword on eBay. More than a million people searched “star wars” — that exact phrase — this year.

2. The most common things people search for with the phrase “star wars” are “lego”, “vintage”, “black series”, “dvd”, “action figures”, “lightsaber”, “costume”, “helmet”, “poster”, “funko pop”. Clicking each phrase will take you to a page showing the most bought items matching the phrase from the past 24 hours and is updated constantly.

3. As measured by sales, the most popular “Star Wars” categories are #1 Action Figures, #2 Lego sets, #3 Trading Cards, #4 Models and Kits, #5 Cell phone cases, #6 DVDs.

4. As measured by sales, the most popular character across categories is Darth Vader. Among new characters, BB-8 leads searches and sales.

5. Last October, pre-sale tickets to The Force Awakens premier averaged $250.

6. During Cyber Monday 2015, eBay sold one Star Wars-related item every 4.5 seconds with massive interest in the Battlefront game and PlayStation bundle. Along with Hasbro’s Force Friday merchandise.

7. At equivalent times before the premier, “star wars” searches were 250% greater for The Force Awakens as compared to Rogue One.

8. Among the states, Idaho buys the most “star wars” merch as a percent of overall eBay purchases. Next: Utah and Montana.

9. Star Wars appeared as best-selling Halloween costumes in 2015 and 2016.

10. 75% of the items sold for “Star Wars” aren’t auction — they are “buy it now”.

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