EBC Foundation Bi-Weekly Update: November 9th, 2018


Dear Travelers!

EBC Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing
 technology which allows all travelers to receive their full tax
 refunds instantly and to use EBCoin as a digital currency. We have had
 another successful week, as we are continuing to improve our EBCoin
 wallet and further develop our business.

Please read the following information below to keep yourself updated on
 what has been happening at EBCoin and the EBC Alliance.

Business Development

Smart Contract Audit by Hosho

We have recently obtained a necessary Smart Contract audit result from a credible blockchain security firm. The document showed that the overall security of EBCoin’s smart contract is a mintable, burnable ERC-20 token with no critical issues which will impact operational abilities.

API Integration with BitGo

At this time, EBC Foundation is working on integrating API with BitGo.

BitGo is the pioneer of multi-signature digital wallets. With their multi-signature security service and simple, secure custody service, BitGo has attracted numerous major exchanges such as Upbit and BitStamp.

By integrating API with BitGo, we are on our way to creating a significant milestone to getting listed on major exchanges.

VFA & Non Security Audit

In addition to Smart Contract Audit, we are in the process of getting a non-security token authorization audit as well as a VFA (Virtual Financial Asset) Memo.

EBC Foundation has opened a Jeju Branch on Nov. 7th. They will be in charge of Jeju Operations regarding EBCoin and a tax refund business. Will further post pictures and information in the near future.

Event Update


We will be holding a Q&A for the investors. Along with our community managers, we have decided to collect all the questions you may have related to the EBC Foundation and our projects. The Marketing team and Community Managers will collect all incoming questions for a week and we will deliver responses in the next bi-weekly report.

Please do send us questions to community@ebcoin.io

CoinBene Event #2

Again, we are very happy to host the Coinbene Event Winners this Saturday, Nov. 10th.

- 2 nights at a 5 Star Hotel — Le Meridien, Gangnam, Seoul

- USD $500 value Lotte Department Store Gift Card

- USD $100 value to a Massage shop

Thank you for participating in our event. We will make sure to plan other exciting events as soon as possible.

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