EBCoin (EBC) listed on BITBOX, LINE’S exchange

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EBCoin (EBC) listed on BITBOX, LINE’S exchange

Blockchain-based Tax Refund company EBCoin has announced that its EBC token is now tradable on BitBox.

BITBOX is available in 15 different languages (including English, Korean and Chinese) and around 30coins (including BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC) are traded at the moment. ‘LINE’ launched BitBox in Singapore in July and it is operated by Line Tech Plus. It is available globally. (Except the US and Japan)

In addition, BitBox has issued its own digital asset ‘LINK’ which will be given to the users as a form of rewards for using Link chain based Dapps. Currently ‘LINE’ has networks in payments

Since its start, LINE messenger has over 1 billion users in 40 different languages. In addition, Line has multiple revenue sources, such as in-app purchases, games, and a taxi service.

Line has a few blockchain subsidiary companies; Unblock, Unchain and Blockchain Lab which they will create and expand their blockchain ecosystem to Japan and other South Eastern Asian countries.

Passing the complicated Bitbox screening process has given EBCoin the additional value to its project.

The core mission of EBCoin is to address the expensive obstacles that tourists currently face when shopping abroad. One of the chief concerns among these is consumption taxes. EBCoin provides a decentralized platform for claiming tax refunds, allowing tourists to recoup most of the money they lose through consumption taxes.

The EBCoin Project is backed by KR Partners Co. Ltd(KRP), a Korean based payment services provider and GCMC, a DCC(Dynamic Currency Conversion) services provider. Together, they have 8,700 online and offline merchants in South Korea. EBCoin is a utility coin that is based on these established companies with deep domain experience in digital payments, financial technology services, and tax refunds system.

EBCoin COO, Han Seok Kyeong: “Along with the Tax Refund Pilot project, BitBox listing will bring a significant growth in overall EBCoin project. Expect the Japanese tech giant and EBC Foundation will continue to mutually build their offline and online channels and further promote utility tokens.”

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