KRPartners affiliates with Kakao Pay, providing simple/convenient payment service for local Eximbay partnered stores

EBCoin Team
May 3, 2019 · 1 min read
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KRPartners announced official partnership with Kakao Pay (Korea’s most represented payment platform) on May 3rd.

Kakao Pay, incorporated into Kakao, was first Korean mobile payment platform launched in 2014 providing on/off-line payment, transfer, membership, billing system, security, investment, and other various financial services.

Partnering with KRP’s global payment service through Eximbay, domestic stores are able to receive transactions from customers with Kakao Pay.

Kakao Pay users will be able to make payments to Eximbay appointed local stores and KRP plans to target approx. 7,000 stores in order to expand Kakao Pay.

Also, through promotion marketing within both end’s terms, domestic stores and Kakao Pay users will be able to receive various benefits.

KRP has been providing global payment methods using Paypal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Union Pay, etc for over 7,000 local online stores (Airlines, Duty Free, etc) since 2006

Kim Jun Hun, CEO of KRP, states “ This partnership will allow online stores to open both global and simple domestic payment service. This exciting news will lead to Kakao Pay users as well.”

“KRP looks to provide Kaokao Pay service to overseas stores in the near future”

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