KRPartners (EXIMBAY) launching ‘BestPay’ service in China for Shilla Duty Free

EBCoin Team
Jun 20, 2018 · 1 min read

KRPartners (KRP / EXIMBAY), a global payment gateway in South Korea (CEO: Kim Joonhun) launched ‘BestPay’, a Chinese mobile payment service in the domestic market, South Korea. Headed by Shilla Duty Free and HDC Shilla Duty Free, the KRP will expand their service to global malls, which are mainly used by Chinese customers.

BestPay represents the mobile payment service provider of state enterprises in China, and the name of BestPay is a mobile payment application made by China Telecom, the wire communication company as the largest service provider in the mainland, China. BestPay is the third largest payment platform in China. The KRP is now able to provide the three best of breed payment tools, including Alipay and WeChat Payment. In addition, the BestPay is the first company to enter the Korean market, and the KRP is the only partner of BestPay in South Korea.

An official of KRP said, “As the conflicts over the THAAD problem are being alleviated, the sales of merchants to Chinese customers have been increasing. Therefore, we will provide convenience for customers by meeting various payment options, and we plan to aggressively pursue promotions aimed at merchants, based on the 40 million members of China Telecom.

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