I Need to Talk About My Miscarriage
ashley williams

In the doctor’s office after my first miscarriage the cavalier female doctor said very matter of factly that it was a ‘blighted ovum’, whatever that was, we were devastated. Needless to say my husband and I fired her. After that first miscarriage people come out of the woodwork to tell you about their miscarriages including family members….why didn’t anyone say that this was even an option to begin with? I feel your pain…we had a total of 4 miscarriages before having our wonderful miracle of a son.

I totally agree with you that keeping this quiet is not good for anyone, especially those who go through it. We did find a local support group for couples who had lost children thru Miscarriage, Infant Death or SIDS. It helped a lot to be with others who had experienced this type of loss. Thanks for sharing your story and for starting this much needed conversation.