A day of Gratefulness

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I woke up this morning(surprisingly early) and found myself in a really good mood.

Well, that doesn’t happen very often.

I am one of the persons who always want to be the early bird but often wakes up with puffy eyes due to late night interenting.

But today is different.

Maybe it’s because of the recent changes in my routines or something to do with the universe, who the hell know knows. I am happy and that’s more than enough for me to get through the day.

Suddenly I had this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness, an urge to thank someone for all the things I have today. Without waiting any further, I looked up and said “Hey man, thanks for this day and..” couldn't quite continue since the shower rained down my throat. Yeah, I know.. I am quite a guy :)

After making sure that I am not standing under anything that might interrupt me, I sat down at my writing desk and starting writing. I did not know what I was gonna write but I was just going with the flow.

While staring at the empty sheet, the first thing that came to my mind is my girlfriend. So, I decided I would write her a thank you note. She has a great influence of, almost everything that happens in my life. And I don’t often show my appreciation.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate her, its that I am pathetic in expressing my feelings regardless of whether its good or bad. Most men are. But we do feel every single stuff you do, it just we are less fortunate in knowing to express it.

So, I put down my pen after writing these 12 points that I wanted to thank her for. Here it goes,

Thank you for

1. Being in my life.

2. Putting up with me when I am being an asshole.

3. All the small things that you do(random kisses on the cheek, sending cheeky love quotes, etc.) They mean a lot and makes me smile like an idiot.

4. Being there for me, always.

5. Doing my laundry, here and then.

6. Respecting my views.

7. Giving my space. Well, at least sometimes :D

8. Kicking my ass and making me do the things that I always wanted.

9. Every gift(especially the handmade album with our memories. Can never forget that!)

10. Breaking all the walls that I have built around me before I met you.

11. Recharging my batteries when I am sulking. Also, for all the small things you do that puts me in a good mood every morning.

12. Your smile. which reminds me of what a lucky guy I am.

I am just sharing this with you because we all have a lot of people in our lives whom we are grateful for. By letting them know, we surely can light up their day(as well as ours). When we feel grateful for what we have we are much happier naturally.

I am sure my list has done its job perfectly.

It’s your turn now.

Whom are you going to send a thank you note today?

P.S. I have also sent a note to a friend who introduced me to Medium :) Without that I wouldn’t have all you wonderful people to relate with and share my life.

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