How Successful People Get Things Done

We all have challenges to meet, things to do in a time box and decisions to be made on the go.

On a daily basis.

Often we find it difficult to get things done as planned due to diverse reasons. Where do I even start? It could be an over-optimistic planning, too-busy-to-do-this-now syndrome and so much more (seriously, more!).

There are many times when the task force increases and our to-do list have no more space to accommodate new stuff since it already has yesterday’s unfinished tasks. At times it feels overwhelming.

What you left undone a few yesterday’s make you feel like you are not in control of your life anymore.

You might not always be holding a role that each of your decisions makes a drastic impact on millions of people in your profession or life.

But what about the most powerful people in the world?

How do they manage all the pressures, tasks, man powers and most importantly timely decisions? Because their actions are more likely to face a wrath of a nuclear reaction when goes wrong.

They face the same challenge as you do but with more risks (with impact to a greater extent). So here are a few hacks for you to get things done and manage better like they do.

1. They are responsive


It is the key to get things going. Once you respond, you are not going to start but already did. Let’s say that you received a mail from your boss asking you to move a mountain (I know, right!?). Now, the moment you saw the mail you know exactly what to be done. Do not wait up for a perfect time to send a great answer. Respond him right away with what you know and what you are going to do.

Yes, there are times when things need to be analyzed and estimated properly before giving a prompt response, those are the times when you acknowledge the sender by saying that you are looking into it and will send the details once analyzed.

There is a reason why bosses like the quickest. Pro-activeness is one simple thing that will make you go places.

So, respond.

2. They make decisions on time

Stop over thinking. Trust your skill, intellect, experience and instinct.

A good decision made in time is far better than a perfect decision made two days later.

I remember there were a lot of times when I got lost in the process of thinking about making good decisions instead of making them. Let me tell you a secret, your decision-making skills improve only when you start making decisions. There is no way to learn how to make great decisions, it is a never ending process. It can gradually be improved with time and experience that you gain from the outcome of every decision you make.

Stop over thinking. Make decisions.

3. They Eliminate Irrelevant Options

From making a to-do for the day or choosing a way to do a task or whatever it may be, Limit your options. Do not get lost in the options. Trust me, your mind is so powerful that it lets you know what are the vital options to choose from at the instant that you start choosing.

But we always have a tendency to suspect our own choice by looking at so many other choices that are lying all around us. Yes, it is good to choose from a wide range, but are they relevant? That’s the question you should ask yourself before you give it a second thought.

Limit your options.

4. They Know it is OK to Make Mistakes

as long as they are new ones!

Atychiphobia. It stands in the middle of who you are and who you could be. Remember, it is perfectly alright to make mistakes. The key point is, to learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward.

We all want things that we never had, results that are better than the last time. The only way to achieve them is by doing what we never did before and pushing our limits like never before.

The more mistakes you make, the less fear you have to try anything that is new. In fact, your lifestyle is healthier this way.

Just start it and leave the rest to be dealt after.

5. They Prioritize

Yes. The same, old, repeated words of all time; but never, less important. You must have known that working smarter is the key to great results. Just spend a few minutes prioritizing the frogs in your plate for the day. Eat the frog with at most priority and then go on with the others.

Do not forget to set a time limit for each of them. It doesn’t have to be accurate. The goal is to detect if a task is taking too long than usual which could affect the other tasks, switch over to the others and come back to the first one later.

Work smart.

6. They Always Have a Plan B

Improvise — The one thing that none of the machines could do.

You see the people who always get things done without messing up? They are the ones prepared for the worst case scenario. If you are ready to handle a storm, then anything that happens on that time is a piece of cake!

Always have a contingency plan.

7. They Do it with Passion

Or they don’t do it at all. Yes, money matters. That is why we all are working our tail off. But when money is our only motivator, we tend to do the job by comparing it’s worth in dollars. And the need for money will grow with time and never the other way around. So you are gonna be looking for the better way to make money rather than doing your job in a better way.

When you let passion drive your motives, that is when your true potential comes out. Leave the others, You yourself can see the difference you make when doing things with willingness. And that my friend, is gonna increase your worth both in terms of skills and dollars.

So it is time to stop thinking about having a rocking career and to start having one. Get yourself out there, and know that you are on your way to success when you are ready to put yourself out to the world and get your hands dirty.

The more life you breathe into what you do, the more it gives back to you.

Follow these seven points when you are trying to get things done in your profession and be guaranteed that you will handle them gracefully and manage to finish them off like a charm.

From now on do things in such a way that it’s going to bring a change.

It eventually will!

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