An interesting tool I encountered in preparation for Bootcamp

Github makes magic possible..

This month has been very interesting. I’ve been introduced to various tools and technologies, most of which I had never heard of.

Github is not one of the new tools, it’s one tool that has scared me since I’ve known about it. My preparation for Bootcamp finally cured my phobia for Github.

So what’s Github exactly?

Github is a web-based git repository that aids in version control of projects, team collaboration and easy documentation.

I’ve had my fair share of life-saving moments with Github. It’s relatively easy to use, unlike I felt before now. Github works together with Git, the distributed version control system which is responsible for keeping track of changes to content and providing a way to share that content with others.

Through Github, I can now express my creativity with confidence that if I mess up my project, I can always get right back to when things worked. And yes, this has happened to me severally.

Github also makes it easy to integrate other tools like Travis CI to our projects and easily deploy them on Heroku. This has really saved me a lot of time and stress.

I’ve learnt and used so many technologies in this short while and can’t wait to be introduced to more awesome tools.

Thanks for reading!