Discover the Algarve –A Travel Destination with Greater Popularity

Algarve is one of the Portuguese top destinations for summer holidays. Fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and clear waters and plenty of nightlife are the main attractions of this city. With Algarve Portal, you can get the guidance to discover Algarve and book the perfect hotel for a long weekend or family vacation. At Algarve Portal you can find the information about Algarve Hotels, things to do in Algarve for a memorable trip, Algarve Weather and more.

The Algarve is known around town, and the beautiful scenery achieved the same. However, when speaking in the Algarve, the population thinks of beach. Algarve beaches are the best known of Portugal and, in summer, you can check up this fact. However, the beaches are not the only places of interest in the Algarve, there are many others. So you can enjoy the best the Algarve has to offer you, is a list of the main attractions then.

At Algarve Portal you can find a golf course and the area, rather it is something that can be played alone or with the whole family or friends. There are several historical monuments to discover such as the Arch of Faro village, the Cross of Portugal, and many others. You can also find many other attractions in the Algarve. To enhance your experience, plan a trip to Algarve or to book the services of our local business partners with Algarve Portal, visit our official web site to get more information about our services and Algarve.