APProved* & Well-Designed 001: Highball App

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (nearly 2 weeks!) as I’m finishing up with my pre-work for the UXDI program and busy with getting things in order for my trip to Iceland (thanks Kathy 😁).

Anyhow, I implore you to join me in discussing things that are well-designed in a series I’ll call, simply, Well-Designed.

For the first series post, I want to highlight a share and collect recipe app called Highball by Studio Neat.

Highball from the App Store.

It’s very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s take a look at the first few screens we see upon opening the app.

Intro screen 1/5.
Intro screen 2/5.
Intro screen 3/5.
Intro screen 4/5.
Intro screen 5/5.

They do a great job of introducing themselves as well as informing you of their other products without being intrusive like most ads in free apps that usually just pop up unwarranted. Oh, did I mention that this app is free? Absolutely!

Home screen 1/2.

And just like that you are now in the home screen where it displays its default recipes which you can view individually (still) on the same screen with the illusion that you’re in another mode which you won’t be until you tap on the “Edit” button at the top of the screen or one of the other 3 modes indicated by the “+” sign at the bottom. You can return to your home screen by swiping down or tapping downwards arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Home screen 2/2.

Create Your Own Drink 1/3.

Let’s try to create our own drink from scratch — this I’ll call The Scrooge (clever, I know). Once you’ve tapped “+” and chosen Create New Drink, you are now in create mode which you can easily operate due to its natural navigational direction (in this case top to bottom, makes the most sense for smartphones) and clearly defined prompts.

Now that I’ve added my recipe, I’d like to change the image to match what I envision my drink would look like. I’ll tap on “Edit Image” (screenshot taken at later time).

Create Your Own Drink 2/3.

Create Your Own Drink 3/3.

Sure enough, there were enough options for me to customize my drink image to convey it as true as possible from the type of glass, drink color, ice (and even straws and umbrellas), background color and maybe even get inspired by the many options to customize my drink even further (decided to add Mint Sprig).

Share screen 1/4.

Now I’m satisfied at what I’ve created (and with this app) that I’d want to share it with friends. The Share button is easily identified due to smart color contrasts, icon spacing and your eyes naturally scanning the entire screen to admire your newly created drink and gravitate towards the bottom right which is exactly what I did.

Share screen 2/4.
Share screen 3/4.
Share screen 4/4.

Hidden delete action.
Create Your Own Drink/Delete button.

If you weren’t happy with your drink, you can easily delete it by swiping left (a hidden action common to iOS users) on the Home screen or tapping “Edit” and scrolling all the way to the bottom and tapping the “Delete Recipe” button.

Highball Drink Library.

If you’re not feeling creative and perhaps downloaded the app with the hopes of finding a new drink to make, you can simply do so by tapping the “+” sign on the Home screen and choosing “Add From The Library” which brings up an array of drinks you can make yourself or even customize to your liking.

You can also import drink cards, should you have any, from you Photos album.

And there you have it. I hope this post was as enjoyable to read as it was to write. Download the app from the App Store and tell me if you found anything I didn’t cover!

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