The Phenomenal AirWire Platform: Bringing Crypto To Social Media


The AirWire is a creation born out of the necessity to merge social media platforms with the blockchain technology so as to bring cryptocurrency to more users and contributing its quota towards achieving the goal of making cryptocurrencies mainstream.

The human mind is creative by nature and once it achieves one milestone, it strives for the next, seemingly impossible one. This is hugely evidenced in the innovations witnessed in the last decade or thereabout, in the way and means with which we communicate. Communication gaps virtually no longer exist in our world today, thanks to the internet and proliferation of social media. Information is now at the fingertips with distance no longer being a barrier in sending and receiving information. Social media platforms play a major role in bridging the communication gap. According to research, there are over 2 billion people on social media platforms currently, with the figure rising steadily on a daily basis. And on the opportunity angle, this is a huge and virtually untapped market space.

On the other hand, the invention and evolution of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is an unprecedented landmark in the financial industry in recent times.
Before, fiat currencies were the most valued assets with numerous drawbacks when it comes to accessing and transferring funds. Topping the list on the drawbacks of fiat currencies is the fact that they’re controlled by central bodies, with lots of bureaucratic obstacles and processes militating against smooth and easy financial transactions.
The blockchain technology came and disrupted the financial industry, opening up a whole new world to new entrants with inherent innovations that makes it very useful in virtually all aspects of life that you can think of.

In as much as these two innovative milestones have contributed to the paradigm shift being witnessed today in the communication and financial sectors respectively, there’s been no discernible effort made to fuse the two and as the human mind is always working to get more out of life, some forward thinking individuals had the bright idea to break the barriers further.

The AirWire Platform

As stated earlier, AirWire aims to leverage on the huge market provided by the over 2 billion users on different social media platforms for better and faster adoption of cryptocurrency. It will achieve this by creating a platform where participants can send cryptocurrencies to users on social media platforms in easy-peasy steps as shown in the image below:

It’s worthy to note that a large percentage of users on various social media platforms have little or no knowledge of cryptocurrency and therefore, are open for conversion into the crypto world.

As a matter of fact, receivers of the cryptocurrency on social media need have no prior knowledge of crypto and an easy-as-a-b-c set up is all that is needed to access the transferred tokens. What better way to convert billions of social media users to crypto adopters?


The WIRE is the token built for the AirWire platform. It’s built on top of the existing bitcoin Core 0.10x blockchain with all the inherent qualities attributed to it.
Each participant is required to have WIRE token in the wallet before carrying out any transaction because WIRE is needed to pay the “gas” fee and also is the unit of cryptocurrency that can be transferred on the platform.
Once the WIRE is in a user’s wallet, several options are open for the user and is illustrated below:

The WIRE token allocation is shown below:


The WIRE token ICO was a huge success with the minimum purchase being $100 worth of tokens. During the token sales, WIRE was purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin currencies. This made it quite easy and affordable to interested parties in different socioeconomic strata to purchase and become proud owners of the WIRE token.

All unsold tokens are retained by the team (up to 25,000,000) for marketing and development purposes for the next 3 years and if in excess of 25,000,000, the excess will be burnt.

Funds from the WIRE token sale were allocated according to the image below:

The #AirWire platform went live and operational on the 28th of April, a day after end of sales and since then, the development team have been working tirelessly to incorporate several major social platforms as stated in the project’s timeline. This process will be spread over a period of 12 months from launch date.

#AirWire… The future of cryptocurrency and social media.

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