More than ever, people in the crypto sphere are considering their options in light of COVID-19.

Trying to retrieve bitcoins from a deceased relative may be challenging or even impossible. If the bitcoins are deposited at a mainstream exchange or hosted via a third-party, then you may be able to use an estate lawyer to prove that you are the new account owner. -Michael Vogel

For most people, it does not have to be complicated. Here is what I think the main steps are to have a basic plan in place:

Begin with a document that details your crypto assets…

Ok, so you’ve bought a few Sats on an exchange, and you went as far as moving them off-exchange, and now you’re confidently walking around as a new bank owner feeling safe from a financial collapse. Well, I have news for you. Albeit an excellent start, there is more to it than owning your keys to your bitcoins.

Being your own Bitcoin bank comes with a few risks that you should address thoroughly and responsibly before you can rely on your newly found banking capabilities. As a way of introduction, here are some of the risks that you now face:

The Need for Scaling Became Painfully Apparent to the Bitcoin Community in 2017

The scaling discussion took center stage during the 2017 Bitcoin bull market along with many heated debates on the future direction of the Bitcoin protocol. Back then there was just not enough room in a transaction block for everyone to rush their bitcoins onto an exchange to cash in when the price spiked. …

E. Besner

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