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Holly Snyder I’m so sorry you’re facing these kinds of decisions and thoughts. I can relate. I have bipolar disorder and treatment/medication got me through undergrad, graduate school and law school because those places provided insurance. In between law school and the ACA being passed, I piled up a ton of consumer debt because I refused to go back to being unhealthy. While the pain is different from that which comes with fibromyalgia, untreated bipolar disorder was, for me, unbearable.

I cried the first time I was able to buy one of my medications for 15.00 instead of 600.00. It finally felt like I could be both physically and financially healthy. If the ACA hadn’t passed, I would either be drowning in debt or dead. Instead, I have no consumer debt, a small amount of savings and some hope that I might be able to acheive some of my dreams.

As we face the terrifying prospect of losing affordable healthcare, I, like you, have started considering what the reality of that will look like. I’d have to find an extra 24,000.00 a year minimum to maintain my current level of health. I’m facing questions like: do I bankrupt myself? Do I just stop medication and treatment and let the chips fall where they may (and if my health prior to diagnosis is any indication, death is as likely an outcome as any)?

It’s unconscionable that Republicans, they of the American Dream party line, want to put millions of us back into survival mode. We should be dreaming about how to make our lives, and the lives of those around us, better instead of thinking about how losing our healthcare could necessitate our funerals.

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