HTML imports depends on:
Evan You

h2 is supported by all major browsers ( It’s the CDNs/servers that need to catch up. That’s changing fast in the past year.

It’s unfortunate that other vendors are not taking a look at HTML Imports, but they’re a huge perf win (eg. Parallelization of parsing, resource de-dupe, HTML/CSS/JS bundling, look-ahead parser support, etc.

> Otherwise it would end up with worse initial load performance due to the orders of magnitude more requests

The # of requests wouldn’t change. The difference is have the brower’s native loading pipeline vs polyfilled (xhr’d).

> what is the chance of a user in this scenario having an up-to-date browser

Yep, I hear you :) Making things faster for new hardware doesn’t hurt either. This space is changing fast though! Part of me thinks we should be planning for the future…but I understand there are real-world needs today. I’m always a big fan of measuring a site’s actual user base before making technology decisions.

Alex Russell may have looked at Shop ( on older, non chrome browsers on a hindered connection for first load. After first load, you have a service worker and network drops from the equation.

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